WebbyMonks develop amazing websites using Foundation framework.

Why Foundation? Because, it’s a blessing in disguise!

Foundation is a powerful, feature-rich, responsive front-end framework. With Foundation you can quickly prototype and build websites or apps that work on any kind of device, with tons of included layout constructs, elements and best practices. It’s built with mobile first in mind, utilizes semantic features, and uses Zepto instead of jQuery in order to bring better user experience and faster performance. Foundation has a 12-column flexible, nestable grid powerful enough to let you create rapidly multi-device layouts. There are styles for typography, buttons, forms, and various navigation controls. Many useful CSS components are provided like panels, pricing tables, progress bars, etc.

Why choose Monks for Foundation projects?

  • Knowledge of Foundation

    Our Monks are maestros when it comes to Foundation development. We have our own checklist and style guide that we refer while developing sites with Foundation. Our Monks are trained to develop sites using Foundation framework. They will use the best styles and CSS offered by Foundation.

  • Robust QA Practices

    We make sure that the Foundation sites we develop pass through stringent Quality Checks. With our 3 step QA process, we ensure that the Foundation website is errorless, cross-browser compatible and works seamlessly across the viewing environments.

  • Strict NDA

    We offer strict NDA and 100% white-labeled services ensuring all the information shared with us is kept secret.

  • Custom Development

    Although Foundation framework provides its own styling elements, Monks with their zeal are able to customize the Foundation code as per your requirements. We can help you customize the forms, navigation, buttons, designs and so much more.


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