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Benefits of having a WCAG Compliant Website?

High Search Engine Rankings

When a website is modified to meet the standards of WCAG Compliance, it is more clearly visible to the bots (search engine spiders) and the site displays improved SEO.

Increased Revenue Through Increased Traffic

WCAG Compliant makes a website accessible to many disabled individuals, who can visit your website and make a purchase. With this, making your website WCAG Compliant is a low-cost investment that could deliver great returns as these individuals are likely to be more loyal to your website and business considering the fact that you have made certain effort to serve them impartially.

Escaping Any Legal Issues and Tax Benefits

There are many cases where businesses have received lawsuits of operating through websites that are not WCAG Compliant and to meet these legal demand letters can be expensive. With this, it fades the authenticity of your brand.

Quick Facts


61 million Americans have at least one kind of disability. By 2060, the number is expected to reach a huge figure of 98 million.


In 2018, the total number of lawsuits filled were 2,000+.

Disability Above 40%

40% of adults above 65 years of age has a disability.

Increase sales

Having a WCAG Compliant website is likely to increase your sales by 20%.


$50,000+ is the average legal cost to small businesses.

Progress Bar

181% was the increase in ADA lawsuits filed in 2018.

WCAG Compliant

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