In the past year, mobile web usage overtakes desktop web browsing and mobile has become the core for
any design technique on the web.

Modern artificial intelligence (AI), voice search, and machine learning (ML) techniques are buzzing
around and making news. But, people are still taking time in getting user-friendly with these

The year of 2018 is going to be ruled by the web design trends listed below since they promise excellent user experience (UX) across all devices.

Greater Use of
Negative Space

Clean layout is the latest trend on mobile web

When we talk about creating a compelling web app for the mobile users then
crispy-clean layout with more negative space is the next designing trend on the web.
A streamlined browsing experience across all types of devices matters the most.

“More than 50% of small and medium-sized businesses are planning to invest in a new and improved website.”

Airbnb has beautifully designed a crispy-clean website with lots of negative space around the centralized search box to draw user’s attention to it.

That’s how the greater use of negative space in website development draws user’s attention directly to the engagement or conversion point.

Also, you’ll get a streamlined browsing experience across all devices- desktop & mobile.

smart Navigation
and Menus
Easy navigation is the key to successful conversion

Web users especially on mobile devices are looking for easiest way to navigate. Craft
easy navigation structure with hidden menus for mobile devices where users are
looking for clean and hassle-free experience.

After reaching a company's website, 50% of visitors will use the navigation menu to orient themselves.

ComputerWorld has smartly put its entire menu in a hamburger style on the top left side of their website, which drops down while clicking on it. You can access the whole range of categories easily without disturbing or hiding front of the website.

Keeping your audience just a click away from pop-out or slide-out menu style will enhance user experience on a
website. You’ll see more websites with smart navigation and hidden menus in 2018.

Bold and Expressive


Clickable images are things of the past!

Images are heavy and takes time to load. Images can be effectively replaced with
creative and bold fonts to grab a visitor’s attention. Sleek and sharp typography with bold
colors draws visitor’s attention and brings focus on a website.

Kickpush, a London based product design studio has demonstrated beautifully crafted bold white fonts on red background to convey their message on their website.

Using creative typographic fonts into your web development practices
help in creating cleaner space with more negative area.

To bring more focus on conversion points on a website, creative
typography will continue crafting the web design in 2018.

Material Design
Lite (MDL)
Add enough embellishment to enhance usability

Material Design Lite (MDL) is used to blend a webpage with mixed pattern, lines,
circles and different geometric shapes for better engagement and conversion. A clean
layout with creative design elements is highly appreciated by the users.

Google created this wonderful design language to help businesses create awesome
and most functional websites.

A well-crafted Jetradar website has special effects on its user interface (UI) that helps a visitor discover the navigation. It is a beautiful example of helping and engaging site visitors by creating memorable experiences with captivating animations.

Material Design Lite will be in more use to design websites in 2018 as businesses wants more interactivity and engagement to promote their business.

Split Screen
Show more in less space

These days content on the web is increasing at a high pace and web screens are
becoming shorter. The split screen designing can help in showcasing more things on
a single screen by dividing it into two or more parts.

The Benchmark International website has a beautiful split screen design to tell people everything about its business. The front screen is divided into five vertical splits which expands horizontally on hovering. Also, it has a hamburger menu displayed on top right corner.

Split screen design trend will be dazzling more websites in 2018. You can also display text and images separately in the different split to bring more focus on call-to-action.

A little engagement goes a long way!

The modern web has become more dynamic with the help of different interactive elements. To fill a form and to send a review, users need to wait until the webpage loads up completely. To overcome such speedbump issues, microinteractions are extremely useful.

Studio Meta, a France based interactive and creative design studio has a beautiful website with lots of different interactive elements on it. These interactive elements help users to navigate, interact, and engage with the business concept.

More and more small and interactive elements will be seen on your mobile and desktop screens in 2018. That’s what today’s mobile users are expecting from a mobile-friendly website.

Smart and Subtle
Small smart elements trigger the conversion

Sometimes website’s features take time to respond and users feels irritated. When a feature
on a website is loading, you can keep visitors engaged by showing the progress bar with
creatively designed smart animations. Simply awesome.

These smart enhancements hold a big credit on their name to engage a user on a website.
Ultimately, this helps in minimizing the bounce rate. The route through engagement goes to

Chekhove by Google is a wonderful example how smart animation can trigger better engagement and conversion on a website.

Smart and subtle animation is in next web design trend to create an enticing website to attract and engage visitors.

More Use of
Videos than Ever
Video is next engagement mantra

Videos are everywhere from social network to community web spaces. Visitors on the web are expecting and accepting more engaging media to interact with. Engaging users with your concept on the web is challenging. Video can communicate your message successfully to convince a user on a website.

“By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.”

Artist Web, a global creative agency has put a video on the website to demonstrate its business. What can be better than that when it comes to demonstrate your work to your clients on a website?

Let’s create smart videos and start communicating to your audience by placing them on your website.

Bonus Tip

The website security is the topmost concern for both- business and end-users. If you haven’t updated your website address from HTTP to HTTPS, then it will be showing a non-secure notification to your site visitors. This will break their confidence in your business.

More than 29% of visitors look for the green address bar in their browser.

Choosing from these latest web design trends as per need can elevate
your business on a whole new level of better interactivity, engagement, and conversion.

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  • More than 50% of small and medium-sized businesses are planning to invest in a new and improved website.  [ Tweet Stat ]
  • User experience (UX) is critical, just one second of added page load speed can see sales drop by 27%.  [ Tweet Stat ]
  • Websites with sticky menus are 22% quicker to navigate.  [ Tweet Stat ]
  • After reaching a company's website, 50% of visitors will use the navigation menu to orient themselves.  [ Tweet Stat ]
  • By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.  [ Tweet Stat ]
  • More than 29% of visitors look for the green address bar in their browser.  [ Tweet Stat ]
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