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Somewhere in a distant digital world, there exists an agency with a team of people working across the barriers of time zones and culture to deliver excellence, solely for you. Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to the Monastery, leverage our holy dedicated resources and let's turn this dream scenario into a reality.

Hire Dedicated

What do we mean by a Dedicated Resource?

Being in the digital space for a long time, the Monks have realized that for agencies who outsource, one of the biggest challenge is to align a level of trust, quality in work and dedicated work ethic in the team members. Through this dedicated resource model, we fulfill our agency mantra of "Focused Expertise," by assigning a dedicated team of developers, project managers and QA experts who handle your projects diligently.

If you are looking for a transition from just an outsourcing vendor to a dedicated partner agency working as an extension to your in-house team, this model can work wonders for you.

What do you get from our Dedicated Resource?

  • Control

    You have the control to prioritize your tasks. This helps us to expedite the projects and maintain the quality at the same time.

  • Scalability

    You can scale up your team with a reasonable lead-time or scale it down with a reasonable notice period without getting into legal or administrative ramifications.

  • Focus

    The nuts and bolts of the dedicated resource is Focus. The assigned team works solely for you and your projects and this helps us to have a clear overview of action and executing the deliverables.

  • Cost

    You save thousands of dollars through this model as compared to in-house recruiting by leveraging our expert developers.

What does our Resource Bring to the Table?

The value of this model is that almost any design, development and digital marketing requirement gets handled by our seasoned developing experts and marketing experts. Your one-stop-shop for Wordpress and HTML, Hubspot, Sr. Development and Digital Marketing experts.

  • Focused Expertise and Experience

    We have a team of 650+ certified and trained developers, QA and digital marketing experts managing your web development and digital marketing needs. Our senior level staff enables our developers to maintain the quality and velocity of your projects.

  • Varied CMS Expertise

    Our certified developers and QA experts have made it possible for us to be a CMS agnostic agency. The team has the capabilities to work with your preferred CMS along with training sessions for the developers to keep up with the regular upgrades for any platform.

  • Affordable Resources

    We understand the pain of finding a dedicated team at a reasonable price, and retain them. To that end, our pricing is customizable on the most part and can be tailored to your specific requirement in WordPress, Hubspot, SEO/SEM and so more!

Monks' Dedicated Process

  • 1dedicated

    Get our dedicated resource

  • 2dedicated

    Kick-Off/requirement gathering call

  • 3dedicated

    Select your service/(S)

  • 4dedicated

    We assemble the experts for you

  • 5dedicated

    Your journey of dedicated bliss begins

Why Agencies Love Our Model?

  • staffing

    Rapidly changing staffing needs

    Companies with staffing needs in constant flux can meet those needs through the dedicated model.

  • acquisition

    Reduces the cost of skill acquisition

    Avoids the cost of investing in internal skill development when you hire our dedicated developer.

  • employer

    Reduces employer burden

    Hiring a dedicated developer alleviates many costs and liabilities related to direct employees.

  • commitment

    Solves the deadline and commitment trade-off

    If there is a need for more resources to complete an active project on time, hiring any number of dedicated resources is the best option.

“You focus on Strategies, We focus on execution”


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