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WordPress 4.8 “Evans” Released for More Intuitive Web

WordPress 4.7

June 8, 2017, WordPress 4.8 “Evans” is available with new media features to make your web more intuitive. This is the first major WordPress release in the year and it is named after an American jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans.

The latest features in WP 4.8 ‘Evans’ have more ways to highlight yourself and express your business/brand. That’s how with every version WordPress is creating awesome web for everyone- updated features, more widgets, greater interactivity and enhanced personalization.

Let’s scroll down to find out what the latest version of WordPress has for us.

New Image, Video, Audio Widgets & Rich Text Widgets

WordPress 4.8 has many latest features built by hundreds of contributors around the world by keeping users in mind. It includes free media widgets – image, video, & audio widgets. These widgets make it easier to display image, video, and audio without using HTML.

WordPress 4.8 exciting widgets update

The Text widget now provides the rich-text functionality and has support for TinyMCE and support visual editing. Now, you will have a choice between using a text and visual editor with limited formatting options.

Image Widget

Now you can add any image to your widget without knowing code by inserting image within the widget setting. You can highlight your weekend adventure photos and see it done on your blog/website.

Just drag and drop the widget to the sidebar and simply click on add image button on the media setting and you will get the WordPress media uploader.

That’s how easy and simple it is to add images to your widget!

Video Widget

Videos are the great way to tell your message to the audience, it could be a welcome message and a company tour or anything. Thus, in the latest version you can add any video to the sidebar with the help of widget. This will boost your efforts to humanize the branding of your website.

Audio Widget

This will be very helpful for bloggers, musicians, and podcaster. You just need to upload audio file to the media library. Click in your widget setting select your file and you are ready for listeners.

Rich Text Widget

Rich text-editing brings the native capabilities to text widget. Now you can add a widget anywhere and format away. You can easily create lists, add emphasis, and easily and quickly insert links.

Let’s have fun with all new formatting powers and see what you can accomplish in a short time.

However, advanced users can switch to the text editor and write HTML with manual efforts.

Link Boundaries

WordPress 4.8 provides a better link editing capabilities.  Now editing link in the visual editor has become more intuitive with link boundaries. It provides you the idea of where a link starts and ends. This will prevent the additional text in the start or ending of the link.

Now you can edit your text link to small and attractive one and you can create a cool text link with this new link editing feature.

With all these features amendments WordPress 4.8 is available to download and update your WP dashboard. Let’s get updated with the latest version and create a more intuitive WordPress.

Note: Make sure to create a complete WordPress backup before you start updating from WordPress 4.7 to the latest version, WordPress 4.8. 

However, you can contact to WordPress website development experts and start creating better digital experience for all.

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Nick Patel

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