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WooCommerce, Today’s Elephant Tomorrow’s Dinosaur in the eCommerce Arena


 “The word is convenience- the word is anywhere, anytime, however the consumer wants it.”

Traditional shops are a thing of the past and yet older eCommerce technologies that facilitates eCommerce have also gone out-of-trend. Disruptive technologies has given us the smart solution to create online stores. WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform to create an online store. Following are the reasons, which are credible to make WooCommerce really big thing in the eCommerce industry.

Convenience made it easy to lead the way

As I’ve mentioned it above ’Convenience’ is a key consideration while opting any eCommerce technology for developing an online store. Ease in development, ease in maintenance, and all this at a very convenient cost. However, there are other considerations as well that plays a crucial role in selecting suitable most eCommerce platform to build an awesome online store.

However, if we go back to 2010, Magento was sitting on the eCommerce throne. It was the most adopted online store building platform. But, now we are witnessing a surge in WooCommerce adoption worldwide. What made WooCommerce to get a hold on the eCommerce kingdom in short span of time?

Let’s shed some light on WooCommerce, it was initially developed by WordPress theme developer WooThemes. In May, 2015 it was acquired by Automattic, the same community who develop WordPress. Ultimately, this helped WooCommerce to retain the vibrant community of WordPress to enhance it for creating better eCommerce.

WooCommerce has taken the growth route so fast that today we can see it as the most favorable eCommerce platform to design an online store. At present, WooCommerce has 18,137,015 downloads and it is the most adopted eCommerce platform.

Following are the topmost reasons that has brought such a glory to WooCommerce and made it rule the eCommerce arena in quick time:

 Cost played a big role in the fast market adoption

First and foremost, I would say ‘cost’ is the biggest negotiator that turns more people to pick it as a free and easy option to build their online shop. Because, no one would mind to take a free chance to experience with their first eCommerce store in such a cost effective way. The cost of developing an online store and the cost involved in the maintenance of that store creates a big point while opting for a suitable eCommerce platform. All in all, WooCommerce fits the bill perfectly for anyone!

An eCommerce store developed with WooCommerce does not require any special hardware and server requirement to facilitate your online store. Also, it is quite easier to find cost effective WooCommerce developers to assist and help you with your eCommerce project.

Best fit to all- small and medium enterprises

Small businesses require a nimble shopping cart option to build an online store. It’s out of the box functionality and wide variety of plugins are efficient to cater all requirements of small and medium enterprises. It is easy to customize your online store with WooCommerce as it is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online store. Also, you can extend your eCommerce business as per your growing need as there are hundreds of free and paid WooCommerce extensions.

However, the previous technologies used in eCommerce development were relatively slow and customers doesn’t have a good experience with them. But, with WooCommerce you can focus on core business while leaving everything else to WooCommerce.

Following graph by Datanyze shows the current market adoption of all eCommerce technologies by:


Source: Datanyze


Another source, Wappalyser have shown the current market share by leading eCommerce players.


You can also check the following graph (stats from Builtwith) to observe the major stake by the leading eCommerce technology platform:


Also, you can take a look at the following image to have an idea how many businesses has migrated to their favorite eCommerce platform.


The number of businesses shifted to WooCommerce is amazing. This gives an assurance that WooCommerce is a most suitable match to your small and medium enterprises.

WordPress boosted the market adoption quickly   

WordPress has played a crucial role in uplifting WooCommerce to the number 1 spot in today’s eCommerce industry. More than 30 % of the entire web is single-handedly occupied by the WordPress. So all those businesses who had experienced WordPress most probably shifted to WooCommerce. Also, it is easy to migrate your online shop with WooCommerce. With such convenience, it was obvious that most businesses picked-up WooCommerce as their best option to create online store.

Furthermore, WooCommerce gives you a full control on your eCommerce store. You’ll get access to thousands of site designs and plugins that will make it possible to extend the functionality of your store.

Moreover, if you have a little budget to spend on development, you can hire some professional developers at minimum cost or in case you want to go on your own, it’s all easy. But, WooCommerce does have some limitations as you cannot scale it after certain limit. So, if you want to build an online store for your enterprise grade business, better you go for other suitable options available in the market.

WooCommerce focused more on its User Interface

WooCommerce focus is on the user interface (UI) rather than adding a slew of new features, which makes a good sense. User Interface is where store owners and their customers spent most of their time once the store is live as per Matty Cohen, the team lead of WooCommerce Product at Automattic. He further explained that “The UI is really where store owner spend most of their time as a store builder or as a store manager as well. Once your store is live, you’re spending all your time in that interface. Really spending time on taking care of that interface is really key for us.”

WooCommerce has user interface (UI) focused design philosophy and it has an advantage of WordPress as a platform, which has a wide variety of themes and design concepts. It has an adaptive structure that makes it easy to employ any modern and radical designs. You can easily design your online shop easily without any fuzz with WooCommerce and that too in a cost effective way.

So, Monks concluded that WooCommerce focuses on their customer requirements by matching well with the end user expectations as well. That’s how they became capable to create such a magnificent eCommerce platform.

The bottom line

New technology and trend will come and go. Only those became substantial who has solid base (community + customers). As businesses will become more competitive day by day, you need a smart, quick, cost effective, and reliable solution. That’s what exactly WordPress and WooCommerce provide to its users. Other technologies and its competitors may have more features up their sleeves but they tend to add more complexity as well. WooCommerce just makes it happen the way business desire.

As per the Monks, WooCommerce has grown like an elephant today will become a dinosaur soon to dominate the entire eCommerce arena. If you’re planning to convert your traditional business into eCommerce, then it is the right time to do the Woo! You can consult our WooCommerce Gurus with your queries.

Monks have also enabled Geo-Independent online store with WooCommerce. 

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