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What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN), who should use it and how it contributes to faster loading times?

Your end user’s proximity to your web server has an effect on response times. Deploying your website’s content crosswise over different, geologically scattered servers will make your pages stack faster from the client’s point of view. Yet where would it be a good idea for you to begin?

As a first venture to implement geologically scattered site content, don’t endeavor to update your web application to work in a disseminated architecture. Any change in the architecture will lead to synchronizing session state and imitating database transactions crosswise over server areas, and this will increase the server admin’s task to a new high.

Remember that most clients spend their response time in downloading various elements of the page: pictures, templates, scripts, flash, CSS, and so forth. Instead of beginning with the troublesome undertaking of updating your application architecture modeling, it’s better to first scatter your static content. This not just lessens the response time but is easier to implement as well.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a gathering of web servers circulated crosswise over numerous areas to convey content all the more effectively to clients. Unlike normal web hosting where the content is hosted on a single server, a CDN takes the site’s static content (CSS and JavaScript documents, downloadable items, applications, constant media streams, and so on.) and reproduces it through several servers far and wide rather than a single host at one location. Such an advance in the technology allows your site visitors to download information from their nearest city of access.

With CDN, the server with the least system jumps or the server with the snappiest reaction time is picked.

Some extensive Internet organizations claim their CDN; however, it’s financially savvy to utilize a CDN administration supplier, for example, Akamai Technologies, Edgecast, or level3. A few other recommended CDN can be MaxCDN and CacheFly. For new businesses and private sites, the expense of a CDN administration can be restrictive, yet as your intended interest group becomes bigger and gets to be more global, a CDN is important to accomplish quick response times. Switching to a CDN is a moderately simple code change that will significantly enhance the velocity of your site.

Scenarios when you can resort to a CDN:

– High traffic sites:

You ought to utilize a CDN when you have a well-known site with a great many users flowing in consistently. Each server has a few points of confinement and can’t go the distance at the same exhibitions, regardless of the fact that you have the best of committed servers, in any case you have to store your pages in a CDN. On the off chance that you investigate a percentage of the prominent site, you can see that they’re all utilizing their best CDN, in the dominant part of cases, its MaxCDN and they are utilized by famous companies.

There is no specific traffic number qualifying you for the use of CDN however, a few thousand visitors are good enough to start using CDN. CDN will balance the traffic over various servers and ensure speedy page load.

– Commercial portals:

If you are a commercial portal, you better have a CDN. CDN will ensure that the payment page doesn’t really crash and provide bad UX during checkout. If the website is not very friendly during checkout, you will lose a large number of customers.

Gaming Websites:

Gaming sites, especially those with real time games require large amount of resources and powerful dedicated servers. When the site has many players and it works without a CDN there are higher chances that the gaming site crashes. The game’s loading time does not get compromised on account of a CDN and the players across the world can play the game on your site simultaneously.

Video Streaming:

A quick video streaming is always liked by users. Video sites have a major problem in providing users with a quick video surfing experience. With larger video file sizes coming into play, the load times are increasing to an all new high. Using CDN, video sites will be able to buffer the videos faster than normal rates. A few CDN support rich media files and deliver lightning fast speed.


The CDN is the next level site speed advancement that would make your site quick to load and easy to explore. Keep in mind that you needn’t bother with a CDN for small sites or sites with limited activity and traffic, CDNs are paid administrations and not all companies can pay for them!

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