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Website sliders: Loved & hated, Still Omnipresent!


The web world has already witnessed the omnipresence of sliders in the modern web design domain. Developers find them convenient to set up, they could be totally customized to match the theme of your website, and provides you the vehicle to present innovative content in a limited footprint. The flexibility of sliders is something that designers love as it makes it very convenient to tell a story in an interesting manner. Website owners love sliders because they are able to showcase multiple products and services inside a single space. If you get the basics of sliders right, they will look good and will bring a visual delight to any website.

Where Sliders Perform The Best?

Promoting New Content

Sliders prove to be the best vehicle for the sites that are updated on a regular basis. The content slider is most commonly witnessed on news websites where news keep on changing and the highlights are given inside the slider to gain quick attention of the readers.

Image Galleries

Photo galleries simply rock on sliders. Sometimes a really attractive image is all that is enough to communicate everything on the slider. It could bring you everything that your business might need – engagement, leads, sales, and more.

Product Tours

If you want to give your website visitors a glimpse of your products in parts, sliders are a great option as giving all the information at once through text could be inundating for the visitors. Sliders will give complete information about the products but in parts making it easy for the prospects to consume information.

Online Portfolios

If you are an artist, you could leverage the showcasing abilities of sliders as visual content get the best justice with them. Your clients could witness your artistic work in creative displays that will at once show your expertise in your niche.


Multiple eCommerce products get the best opportunity to be displayed with the help of the slider. Sliders play an important role in eCommerce stores when they want to promote new arrivals, festive offers, discounts, and more.

Brand Storytelling

Sliders could prove to be a great platform for brand storytelling. Again, sliders serve to be a great platform for sharing information in pieces that is a combination of visuals and text, rather than overwhelming the prospects with lots of information at once.

Benefits Of Sliders

Minimize Clutter

Content sliders are extremely helpful for reducing clutter. With the help these sliders you could break up information into different slides so that the information could be consumed easily and with a definite flow without any mix-ups.

More Engagement

Attractive sliders with visuals will ensure that your visitors engage with your brand for a longer time. With shorter but relevant pieces of information on the sliders, your website will relate to their needs and will encourage them to discover more about your business.

Provides Control To The Users

With sliders, your users are more in control of how they would like the information to appear. The small slider scrolling tabs will help the users to time the appearance of the content based on their preference.

Increase Conversions

When users are ready to engage with your business, it directly establishes the foundation of a potential sale. Relevant information on sliders will trigger the trust factor that will play an important role in increased conversion rates.

Inspirational Examples Of Sliders In Websites



Tea Round is one of the finest examples of implementing sliders above the fold. However, slider is applied only to the images on mobile screen. For every step given at the bottom, there is a new slider. In addition to the concept, the visuals and color play an important role here to engage the users.


The concept of slider is quite unique here, on Design Royale, as underlying each slide are three buttons and when we bring the mouse cursor over each button the content inside the particular slide changes.


When it comes to storytelling via website sliders, Level Brand has done a good job as all the information within the homepage is available in short pieces of content on each slider.


The Ludlow Kingsley website has a simple slider however what stands out are the attractive “Back” and “Next” buttons along with vertical scroll.

Best Practices to Implement Sliders in Your Website


There is no escape for this. Just like all the other elements of web design, even sliders should be responsive because a majority of visitors for all the industries are engaging with businesses through mobile.

Rotation control

Ensure that you time the rotation of the slider in a way that it doesn’t disturb the user experience and also doesn’t appear as an advert. The major purpose here is to educate the visitors with valuable content or other elements that might interest them.

Number of images per slider

Most users won’t engage with a slider with more than 5 images. This is because they might want to explore other areas on the website. However, even less than 5 is good as limiting the number will give visitors a short and valuable glimpse into your business. Long carousels might repel them from exploring your website and they might bounce out of your website.

Focus on the vital slide

Out of all the slides that you are presenting, the first slide is certainly something through which you want to convey your central message. So, you will be looking to put all your best ideas into this slide. The very first slide will decide if the user will be willing to engage with the rest of the information on the website. So, make a long-lasting first impression in this space to convert your visitors.

Be creative with scrolling

Rather than having small buttons that every other website has, get a little creative with the scroll buttons on the slider. Some websites have already got creative with them and are implementing thumbnails of the images to give a peek into what other slides contain.

Test height and width

This is one of the most important steps in slider creation as its rendering should be checked across all devices and browsers in terms of height and width.

Determine the call-to-action

Sliders will be the most attractive and interactive element on the whole website. This will set up the scene for future user engagement with your business. Thus, an effective call-to-action that directs the user to take a desired action is simply inevitable on the slider. The call-to-action should be short, relevant, and attractive in terms color and fonts.


Videos are a great way to showcase your business to the prospects. An attractive video is enough to convey your message with the help of a single slider.


Sliders have been loved and also received a lot of flak. The fact remains that they do manage to attract engagement for your business website. With the help of the right elements, content, images, and testing to ensure a flawless slider, you could be a winner in user engagement and give them a reason to convert.

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