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Interactive Web Design: Making the future of web successfully indispensable!

Web design is evolving with the crack of every new dawn. Technology and device advancement with concepts like retina display instigate more websites to adapt to interactivity. Marketers want to stimulate and steer the user experience on the web and interactivity is one of the best ways to achieve the same successfully.

Web designers are aiming to increase the participation of users over the website through various interactive functionalities. Visitors can share reviews, ratings, opinion polls and even create content. Interactive websites allow users with limited technology knowledge and skills to effectively interact and participate on the website.

So, why is the future of web totally relying on interactivity and responsive design?

Shift in the visitors’ attitude!

Attitude of visitors is changing and will continue to change in the coming times as well. Visitors like to participate through user generate content and enjoy the interactivity in its full throttle. Moreover, more and more competitors are providing users an interactive and enhanced web experience increasing the thirst of visitors for even better user experience. If you refrain from doing so, you might fall prey to an old school static website that has lower conversions. Users are setting high expectations in terms of interactivity right from the content, animation, scrolling, hover, visuals, video and navigation.

How to implement interactivity?

If you wish to implement interactivity, here are a few tips from Monks cloister worth considering:

1. Widgets work wonders!
Well, if you bombard your website with widgets you will miss out on the load time. However, ensure optimizing it. Try and provide widgets that improve the overall user experience. Connect them to their fellow friends on social sites and let them listen to what they have to say for your brand! Allow them to share content on external website with quick sharing tools and widgets.

2. Create User Generated Content!
As said earlier, visitors like to participate. There are certain websites that are purely content driven. Make sure that you let users participate on your website. Sites like Digg and Youtube are good examples that flow UGC easily and in good pace. Facilitate the user base with discussion forums, QnA forums, article submission etc. This will add substance to your interactivity ratings.

3. Provide users with the elements!
User interaction does not just cease at user generated content. Offering them a unique navigation and surfing experience will allow users to click, play, hover and drag elements from one corner to another. Include fading, changing colors etc.. Try and use JQuery to highlight errors, create animations over the tool tips and there is a lot more unexplored scope there. However, make sure that you don’t leave users in the dark. Let them discover what’s happening while they hover or click on elements.

Wrapping up, interactivity is making the web more fun place to be! Refrain from being obsolete and provide users with a memorable recall. An enhanced webmosphere shall enable you to increase the conversions and improve the bounce rate.

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