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UX design process challenges and quick fixes

In this agile development world, user experience is the key to success. The general process to conduct research, prototype and then presenting it to stakeholders remains the same, but every project has a unique need. So, in this post, Monks bring to you some of the most common UX challenges and how to overcome them.

Feasibility of implementing a UI

A small project will allow you to implement prototype quickly compared to a little convoluted bigger project. For a project that is relatively complex, it takes time to understand the user journeys and define personas. With right wireframing almost all the interfaces like login and navigation becomes feasible. However, certain market conditions sometimes make it challenging for a UI to be feasible and hence; it is vital to do a good research on the feasibility of implementing a UI once it is developed.

As a good solution, identify the most challenging aspects of the UI and create wireframes for each part. With different wireframes, you will be able to judge feasibility of each part of UI and also estimate the total development time before its late.

Limitations of wireframing software

Some web projects are rich in animation and involve lot of interactivity that normal software will be unable to develop. Because of the change in the workflows and animations in the layout, software might not be able to simulate all the logics well.

As a good solution, create a higher-fidelity prototype, may be a series of static wireframes, which when combined makes sense to the development team. Though it would only have small details, it will give a basic vision to the development team. You can alternatively develop a HTML prototype using CSS and Javascript. Adobe offers good tool to create animated prototypes. You can use it too! Other tools like Microsoft’s Sketchflow produces very smooth prototypes, and Adobe InDesign is also capable of producing animated interactions.

Unexpected changes turnaround the UX

With so many stakeholders working towards the same goal, it might so happen that you might come across unexpected changes and unable to finish the wireframe. It might be too difficult to adapt to the changes once the wireframe is almost through. This is something that should be clarified before initiating the project.

As a good solution, provide alternatives to clients. Changes might still come, however; the chances will be reduced. Show stage by stage design mock ups to the management or external clients depending upon the project whether external or internal. Keep some space for the changes to come and move on is one more solution, if the feedback is taking time to come.

Inter-team communication gap

Lack of communication between the design and development team will create issues in execution of the project.  Some of the clickable prototypes, animations and components might not be easier to develop and increase the time of the project. Sometimes designers tell a different story through UX while development has its own feeling.

As a good solution, bind people together from the beginning. Make sure that the user behavior guide is developed and it is complementing the UX. Include feedback loops that describe the style, position and interactivity of the elements. Guide should also include the components and define when the same has to be used. Try to document typical behavioral patterns to achieve the consistency in the entire UX design process.

Monks ensure that all our developers have a mystical quest for perfection in the UX design process in all the projects that come across. As a thumb rule, take every project as a new project, define the roles and responsibilities, get a clear overview, document the patterns and embrace any positive changes.

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