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Typeface Design – It’s all about the right brief!

Most designers sweat like a pig to design a website that is attention grabbing. The kind of website that you see later on the screen, starts from that little brief  that you provide to the designers initially. You provide multiple briefs to the designers and one of the vital briefs remains to be the type design brief.

Monks discover the below questions that help shape the typeface from initial phases of the design and serves as the guiding principles throughout the various design stages.

1.)  What is the core function of the typeface?

A typeface is a bundle of symbols, grouped together to form a visual or linguistic message to you. When used as text, these symbols come to a life. Different kind of typefaces depict different meanings and therefore, the kind of typeface you choose depends on the nature of your products and website. To start with, decide upon the function of the typeface whether it is to lure new customers and create urgency or it is to create a brand recognition subtly in the mind of consumers.

2.)  What is your target audience and medium of communication?

One thing that you need to establish and set right in the beginning of the brief is about the usage of typeface, whether it is to be used just on screen or in print as well. You also need to design the typeface depending upon your country of operation and audience you fantasize to target. Some typefaces might be universal in nature, while some others might be understandable by the local individuals. You need to ensure that the typeface design will come into life in the targeted geography.

3.) What language does it speak?

Over the years, typefaces have thought of to be speaking in a variety of scripts and languages. Some design concepts have been really grueling enough to translate across script systems. Keeping this in mind, ensure that you map out character sets in a way that it extends across various scripts.

4.) What is the personality of the typeface?

Is there is a similitude between real person and typefaces used by your design team? Typefaces create impact like human beings do. They can be conservative, hip, polite, rude, male or a female. The personality of a typeface used in the newspaper headline will be bold and confident while that for an e-commerce store selling French wine might be different. If your website offers services for baby care, use childlike typefaces and get the design in sync with the target audience.

5.)    Which is your reference typographic style?

Different typographic styles have different conventions, structure, proportion and modulation of strokes. Consider typeface like human body where the skeleton is the structure underlying letters. The structure will convey the proportion and movement of the typeface whether it is slow, energetic, wide or stretched. The flesh of the typeface is the weight that you put around the skeleton, the structure.

Once you have developed a brief answering the aforementioned questions, it will be easy for your designers to device proper typeface matching the requirement of your brand.

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