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Top 10 Incredible Websites Powered by WordPress


In today’s competitive environment where every business wants to lead others, the web presence plays a crucial role to reach-out and make a lasting impact on consumer. Browsing Internet is fun and it became more interesting when browsing an eye-popping website.  As a decision maker you may be thinking of the best web development framework for your business to get started with. WordPress, of course is the first thing what comes in mind.

Why WordPress is so popular? Why the leading businesses prefer it so much? We know some of these questions cross your mind. You may wonder, but every fourth website is built with WordPress. No matter what kind of website you want to create for your personal or business purpose, it serves all.

However, WordPress accounts 25% websites in the world and accounts for 60% websites having CMS, which means mighty WP single handedly ruling over the web when it comes to create beautiful and most functional websites- isn’t it amazing?

It’s all about ease in management and exuberating ultimate user experience that today’s leading businesses and publications wanted to achieve. There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve with the platform makes it one of the favorite to build with for all leading global brands. A website is only effective if it is capable of generating measurable results and returns a profit.

We’ve put the best websites here to showcase what this amazing framework is capable of doing. Have a glance at the top 10 WordPress websites that are beautiful in design and serve amazing functionalities.

1. TechCrunch


Welcome to the world’s leading technology and startup blog TechCrunch, which gives the latest technology news and information about startups. The leading tech blog relies on WordPress to deliver its content. This amazing technology blog have millions of traffic on daily basis and tons of content, but you will get amazed with its site loading speed and robust functionality. This is one of the most functional website on the web and thus it has made to the no. 1 spot on the list of top 10 amazing website with WordPress. The largest tech news source in the world has proven that a WordPress site can go beyond enterprise level when it comes to scalability and integration.

2. Mercedes-Benz


The best website to define ‘Luxury in Motion’. One of the largest luxury car brand from the German automobile manufacturer, Daimler AG that has its international site running on WordPress. The wonderful site is built with a slick and high-end looking custom theme showcase beautiful cars pictures and videos in a most appropriate way that impart lasting impression on the viewers. It gives a classy outlook with luxury cars photographs and video showcasing.

3. Pardot


It’s the sales automation software by Salesforce that made it to the third place on our list. The top B2B marketing automation has lots of versatility, which increases its functionality to a great extent. It’s a simple, powerful, and connected website to millions of sales and marketing enthusiasts. To create an ultimate impression on its worldwide corporate clients, Salesforce decided to build with WordPress to offer its marketing and sales automation service and now it’s serving the purpose effectively. Share your views about the website’s look and functionality.

4. Sony Music


One of the biggest name in the music industry and the leading electronics manufacturer Sony created their websites for Play Station and Sony Music with the WordPress. Both these websites has made it to the spot no. 4 as we like both the sites equally. You can also share your thoughts on each site.


5. Time Inc.


Time Inc. is a leading publisher of dozen of magazines which also includes Fortune Magazine, People, InStyle, Essence, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, and many others. Fortune is widely known for their popular Fortune 500 list of the top 500 companies worldwide. We equally like both the websites (Time Inc. and Fortune Magazine) – look, feel, and functionality, especially the way they are serving business content to the worldwide audience.

6. Dallas Mavericks


The sweet spot 6 is occupied by the Dallas Mavericks NBA team. The website showcases players, coaches, and dancers in an impeccable style. Visitors can sort out upcoming games event and tickets from the website. The site also serves a storefront to Mavericks sports gear known as MavGear. The site is amazingly ties into several NBA data feeds for up-to-date information. Watch all the amazing behind the scene videos on the website. Enjoy and have fun.

7. The Walt Disney Company


The world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information uses WordPress to showcase industry news and happening. It is one of the simplest website on the web with wonderful Disneyland’s picturesque images. It is the simplest website we’ve gone through till date. Impressively, this is another WordPress site.

8. The Next Web


TNW founded in 2008 delivers an international perspectives on Internet technology, business, and culture. Another popular tech news website has made it to our list of top 10 best WordPress website on the web. TNW completely relies on WordPress for the content delivery to millions of its users. The site simply breaks its main categories into sections with card-like articles summaries, which makes it an awesome site without too much clutter.

9. Bloomberg


This is another huge brand which has made to the list at no.9. This website features a large scale video background and its blog post highlights full screen images with enormous headings. The site uses WordPress to showcase and sell its products to consumers. The website represents the industry level expertise and quality of service that only Bloomberg can offer. Bloomberg website is a useful utility for prospects, clients, the press, and employees to access products information and software downloads.

10. Vanheusen


The leading apparel company, Vanheusen, is sold in over 55 territories worldwide. The brand includes men’s and women’s dress furnishings, sportswear, and accessories. With this site WordPress has gone beyond the limit of small eCommerce websites. Even big eCommerce websites like eBay and IZOD were built with WordPress, but Vanheusen’s new look made us its fan and that’s why we’ve put it on the 10th place in our list.

Apart from the top 10 list we also like eBay, IZOD, The New Yorker, Google Ventures, Reader’s Digest, Problogger, Trefecta, and the list goes on. Not only these brands, Top News & Media Portals are also built on WordPress. That’s how WordPress is dominating the kingdom of the web.

WebbyMonks is a web development company specialized into WordPress development who works with leading agencies worldwide. Moreover, check-out and share your thoughts on the best websites on the web, which is your favorite website and what makes it different from the rest.

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