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Take Your Pick From This Amazing Range Of Date Pickers Hand-Picked By The Monks!

Take Your Pick From This Amazing Range Of Date Pickers Hand-Picked

Calendars and date pickers are used frequently across websites for fulfilling various purposes. Blogs, ecommerce sites, personal sites, corporate sites all of them use calendars and date pickers in different ways. From putting blogs into chronological order to scheduling reservations on hotel and holiday sites, date pickers make for an important element.

Certain sites also use them for making announcements regarding upcoming events, sales and contests and for order tracking. Date pickers are also used as a navigation medium for navigating through dates and selecting them. Some date pickers also allow users to type in dates or jump directly to a specified date. In this post the Monks have listed a few date pickers that can come in handy while developing all types of websites.

Zebra Datepicker

Highly customizable and compact, Zebra Datepicker is capable of enhancing the functionality of any form. Once you add this jQuery plug-in a calendar button will be added to the form filled. Users can easily browse between dates and months and the selected date will be entered to the input field in the format the designer desires.


Date Range Picker

The Date Range Picker uses jQuery UI 1.7 and jQuery UI CSS Framework. With its clean and beautiful animations it works like a charm. This highly interactive component has been designed specifically for choosing date ranges.

Date Range Picker

Date Picker jQuery Plug-in

Date Picker jQuery Plug-in is customizable and fits into the user’s web application with ease. It allows users to select a range of dates and multiple dates at the same time, it also allows users to open multiple calendars simultaneously. With the provision for marking weekends, special days, etc it is quite different from other date pickers.Date Picker jQuery Plug-in

Unobtrusive Date-Picker Widget

Unobtrusive Date-Picker Widget doesn’t require any embedded JavaScript blocks it is super accessible and swift. Users can use their keyboards to pick dates which makes it unobtrusive as the name goes. Pop-up free and fully modifiable with CSS, this date picker works as an inline element or modal.


JQuery Datepicker

Jquery Datepicker features a neat design and well-designed animations. It can be added as a pop-up to text fields or as inline component with ease. It’s neat looks and smooth animation make it a great choice.

JQuery Datepicker

MooTools DatePicker

MooTools DatePicker highly configurable JavaScript date picker that features 4 ready to download skins. You can choose the skin yourself from the Windows Vista skin, Basic skin, Jquery UI skin and OSX Dashboard skin. It works for all date formats and supports time picking too. With smooth animations and choice of skins it looks neat and works efficiently.

MooTools DatePicker

JavaScript DatePicker Control

JavaScript DatePicker Control allows users to pick dates from a dropdown calendar with ease. It comes with multiple skins so that you can easily customize the design to suit your needs

JavaScript DatePicker Control


This was our concise list of date pickers, what date pickers do you use? Do you know of any unique date pickers? Share with us in our comment box.

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