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Parallax Scrolling: It’s an angel in disguise that boosts web interactivity!

Parallax scrolling is the new and upcoming buzz word amongst web designers and developers! So, what’s so hot about parallax scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is a kind of design technique that helps boost your website interactivity and engage users in effecting and engaging way. Here’s why Monks crown parallax scrolling to be an angel:

1. Pleasing Presentation

First and prime most importance of parallax scrolling is its ability to depict products in 3D moving beyond the static images which makes the product presentation visually pleasing. Use a lot of whitespace and let your images stand out. That’s the key to make the 3D presentation appealing. Alongside, you can also provide a walk through, demonstrate benefits and add some sphere to your product.


2. Interactive story telling

With a facility to add multiple layers, parallax gives you flexibility to let your users navigate through the story in their own way. As layers change with scroll, users can really remain amused till the story ends and the prince kiss the princess to bring her back to life. Well, jokes apart, some modern designers also use concepts like rockets, superhero, guide and mascot to let users navigate through story easily. Sites also use hybrid4 technology as a sideline to draw your visitors in.


3. Fun and Curiosity

Well, forget not interactive scrolling gives an extra opportunity to engage your users and visitors. Most parallax websites leave their users curious about next scroll. At the same time, they give users the clue about the next motion that will happen so that it keeps them glued! Some of the parallax scrolling concepts also aim at making the web a fun place leading to more interaction, surprise, delight and superior user experience.



4. Brand Impact

Parallax scrolling helps to boost the brand impact of the company. Interactivity and fun on the website increases the traffic flow and creates an appealing viral marketing. As parallax adds more life to the website, it becomes a memorable surfing for most visitors. Try and capitalize on the positive brand impact by effectively utilizing the above the fold real estate of the website.


5. Special Recall

Parallax designs are special. They easily stand out from the crowd and create recall. Some intuitive developers also build websites on interaction. As users scroll down, they keep adding the typography, images, content and allow users to participate. Some concepts also use animated background to make websites feel special.


Some of the pitfalls to parallax scrolling can be:

– Increased page load time

– Lack of navigation might annoy certain type of users

– It works poorly on mobile devices missing out on huge opportunity and visitor base

– Difficult to track each section of single page in analytics

Wrapping up, parallax scrolling is certainly picking up well and adds a whale of value to make interactive and engaging websites. Depict your products in a new way, tell interactive and more vivacious stories, use typography, add images and animations and make web a fun place!

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