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Bootstrap 4.0 Release Date & What’s Coming with It!


Bootstrap 4.0 has already made us wait for over two long years and finally Beta 2 is available for testing purpose. We’re equally excited to know about the latest improvements and new features in the upcoming Bootstrap 4.0, which is going to launch early next year in March.

Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile-first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. This is the most awaited version in the entire Bootstrap history.

Developers are continuously developing the new version of BootStrap and they have released 6 major alpha releases and 2 beta releases so far.

Let’s sneak-peek into the latest features and improvements in the Bootstrap 4.0:

  • Moved from Less to Sass


HOLA! The latest version of Bootstrap now uses Sass, whereas in the last version it has used Less as its main preprocessor. The Sass based Bootstrap source is most favorable by front-end developers and it compiles codes faster.

However, both Less and Sass are very powerful CSS extensions, which make CSS more maintainable, themeable, and extendable.

  • Flexbox and Improved Grid System

Bootstrap 4.0 is embraced fully with Flexbox, a more powerful responsive grid. Also, now Bootstrap 4.0 has an improved grid system based on “rems” with improved variables, mixins, and maps.

  • Cards as Brand-New Bootstrap 4.0 Component    

Bootstrap latest version will now have a brand-new component, Cards. You can do almost everything but in a better way that wells, thumbnails, and panels did.

  • New Customization Options

The new Bootstrap 4.0 is loaded with the latest customization choices with Sass variables. For example, if you want to enable default transition on everything, simply update a variable and recompile.

  • No Support for IE8 and IE9

The latest version has dropped support for IE8 and IE9 and to take advantage of newer CSS support it has moved to rem units for component sizing. Also, to make typography responsive and component sizing even easier pixels have been swapped for rems and ems.

However, if you need support for IE8/IE9, Safari 8-, iOS 8-, etc.? Keep using Bootstrap 3.

  • Latest JavaScript Enhancements

Every plugin has been rewritten in ES6 for grabbing the advantages of latest JavaScript enhancements with new teardown method and option type checking.

  • Better Documentation

Get the improved documentation system as core development team has redesigned it by rewriting all in Markdown and added a few plugins to streamline code snippets. This makes working with docs a way easier. An amazing new search form has been added!

  • Display Headings

Easily adjust the different headings with the latest version of Bootstrap, which gives a lead like look. The latest version comes with all HTML headings right from <h1> to <h6> as shown in the below table:


Also, the process of development and contribution to Bootstrap has become quite simple with new build tools, which has been completely rewritten in npm scripts instead of Grunt.

And there is more to add! A redesigned carousel, custom form controls, an overhauled navbar, HTML5 from validation styles, new components, and hundreds of responsive utility classes and many more.

Almost, everything is flex based in Bootstrap 4.0 to target mobile audience especially.



The latest Bootstrap update is highly responsive and mobile-friendly. You can check it out as Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 is out for testing.

Let’s explore the new possibilities with the new and advanced Bootstrap 4.0 to build awesome web applications for everyone.

Bootstrap latest version is on the verge of release. However, there is still a time for the final release and you can continue testing with the latest beta release.

Keep checking on our latest post on Web Development as Monks regularly update content for the latest web development happenings, features, and improvements.

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