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Monks Hosted WooCommerce Meetup at WebbyMonks


2 April, 2017 WebbyMonks hosted the WooCommerce meetup at its development center, just before WooCommerce 3.0.0. Release.

Thanks to everyone who attended the WooCommerce meetup. It was really a great experience, Mr. Yuvraj Vaghela, Happiness Engineer of WooCommerce at Automattic highlighted advantages of using WooCommerce for creating an eCommerce store. He also explained how to optimize a better user experience on your online store for both- users and administrators.

One of the great thing about WooCommerce is the community behind it and the other is friendliness to WordPress. One who has used WordPress will find it easy to manage and operate a WooCommerce store efficiently without any difficulty or professional assistance.

That’s how easy it is to deal with your WooCommerce online store!
The meetup started around 10:30 AM and there were 2 sessions by the speakers, each of them took 45 minutes to explain the advantages of WooCommerce to the audience.

Optimize your WooCommerce store for a better user experience (UX)

To leverage a superior user experience  it is essential to optimize your online store. Following are the top points you can implement with WooCommerce for optimizing your eCommerce store.

1. The first thing you need to take care is a better hosting option, Bluehost or SiteGround are the most favorable hosting options for creating a seamless online store experience for your users. Also, you can opt for Flywheel which offers a managed WordPress hosting such as Kinsta and Pressable that delivers security, reliability, and speed backed by expert support.

2. Also, it is equally important to have a content delivery network (CDN) to support a smooth and consistent online store experience. To speed up your online store it is recommended to use Max CDN/CloudFlare CDN.

3. To get an absolute eCommerce website experience Monks recommend to take backup of your site daily if possible. There are plugins that can help you with taking backup on daily basis, you just need to install those plugins. BackupBuddy is really a good plugin which backs up your entire WordPress based website and that too from within your WordPress dashboard in a few easy steps. BackWPup  is another useful plugin for database backup, WordPress XML Export, and optimizing database.

4. To create and deliver an uninterrupted user experience on your online store it is advised to use pictures of good resolution or 2X images for better viewing in retina screens images. Also, use a plugin to compress and optimize images on your store. WP Smush is considered the best for compressing and optimizing images on your store.

5. The content of your product description shouldn’t be flat in one or two lines. Therefore, you need to create descriptive content for your users. It is advisable to create content in points so that users can quickly skim through and get the overall idea about listed products.

6. Ideally, it’s not recommended to upgrade major version like WooCommerce 2.6.14 to 3.0.0. However, if you’re planning to upgrade to the latest version, you can first create a staging version and upgrade theme and plugins to the latest version before upgrading WooCommerce 3.0.0 through testing.

First you need to update the theme, next you should go for updating all the plugins and then you should update WooCommerce plugin. Once you’ve updated all these plugins then you will be ready to update WooCommerce to the latest version.

While upgrading to the latest WooCommerce version you should test your website in Beta version first, if everything works smoothly then and only you should move your online store data to the upgraded version as there are chances that your site can go down with many site modules breakup. Thus, whenever you’re going to upgrade your online store test it on the Beta version first.

Also, Mr. Ravi Vaghela, the speaker from another WordPress development company presented some tips-n-tricks on WooCommerce development, how one can easily extend the functionalities of their WooCommerce based online store using hooks.

Ravi demonstrated how easily you can extend the functionalities of your existing store by WooCommerce hooks which are already there in WooCommerce plugin core functions. Also, it will not affect during the upgrading process of your online store.


Just like we had predicted and Yuvraj Vaghela had mentioned in the meetup, the Bionic Butterfly is out for you to capture. And yes, they have stood up to their word by providing various features to the designer, developer and admin community.

The WooCommerce 3.0.0. is brings to you the updated CRUD classes, a new product gallery, new CLI and Rest API v2, a new logging system and several performance improvements.

Other minor changes like automatic sorting of tax rates, storewide notice being dismissible, existing users being added to the store, automatic capturing of funds, merging of cart percent and product percent coupons, grouped products linked from parents and finally, the switch to JSON-LD format to keep the template files tidy and data intact. We, as Woocommerce Experts, can help you update the lastest version of your Woocommerce store.

Now what more can you possibly ask for?


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