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Monks Enabled Geo Independent Online Store with WooCommerce



The online store deals in multiple continents. The client approached WebbyMonks with the requirements to enhance existing functionalities of their eCommerce business and that too with the help of specific plugins.

They wanted to create a complete and customized solution that can facilitates multi-language, international shipment to deal with variety of shippers across the globe, and calculate multiple currencies with country wise taxes in real-time.

With an extensive research and brainstorming, Monks renounced the entire execution plan and come up with a complete customized solution to provide all requirements of the client in one system. To serve the client in achieving their purpose Monks placed fresh coded customized hooks on all recommended plugins.

Main Challenges

  • The main challenge was to create a fully automated geo-dependent eCommerce system that has immense capabilities to make the overall shipment process smooth irrespective of geographical boundaries.
  • The client wanted an easy integration of payment gateways to facilitate their users with easy payment options with local currencies.
  • They also wanted to have an efficient reporting and analytics system to track performances.
  • Meanwhile, the client desired to have a tax calculation system as per different countries tax regulations, so that users can easily have an estimate on cost from different countries.
  • Also, deciding on hosting was an issue for the client as they were not sure whether to go for dedicated server or Content Delivery Network (CDN) system.
  • The client also wanted to have a good platform for blogging with high SEO capabilities.

Our Solution

Monks did research and find out that there are no such plugins available that can provide all the opportunities such as multi-shipment capability, multi-language facility, multi-checkouts, multi-currency converter, and easy payment gateways integration in one system.

Finally, Monks came-up with a solution to provide required functionalities with recommended plugins by removing existing hooks and replacing it with our customized codes.


Monks delivered independent eCommerce capabilities irrespective of any geographical boundaries with WC Vendors. The plugin also sorted-out tax calculation purpose as per different countries tax regulations.

For enabling multi-lingual capability on the client’s online store Monks implemented WPML plugin by customizing codes on hooks.


To provide ultimate optimization capability with all major search engines, Monks integrated Yoast SEO plugin into the eCommerce system.

However, Monks Implemented Content Delivery Network (CDN) for hosting the entire eCommerce system for making the overall business process smoother and faster.


Business Benefits

  • The complete eCommerce solution that has all desired capabilities to facilitate users and business at the same time.
  • Monks provided clients with high capacity infrastructure to provide more control on asset management and delivery. The CDN we provided to the client can distribute the load, save bandwidth to boost overall performance. And, all this in a cost effective yet secure style!
  • It is easy to create and manage content to promote the business in a seamless style.
  • Monks developed online store with efficient yet effective SEO capabilities. The client can focus on the core business activities, while leaving product optimization process on the store system itself.


Time Required to Complete the Project

30 Business Days

Team Size

6 Developers, 4 Support Staff

Cost to Client

Less than USD 5000

Monks are well versed with the techniques of building customized and advanced online stores. If you are in need of building a global eCommerce platform with WooCommerce, talk to our executive to build with expertise, innovation, and attention to create ultimate VALUE.

Client Testimonial


“WebbyMonks enabled a complete, cost effective, highly optimized, and efficient eCommerce system that has all the desired capabilities in a quick turnaround time. Thank you for making it possible by collaboration and development*.”


*We cannot disclose the store & owner’s name due to strict NDA contract.
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