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Interaction Design – How to direct the audience in few easy ways?


Web developers are always in quest of something innovative and interaction design plays a vital role for instant visitor gratification. Although words sometimes help create interactions, having right design elements create a different level of impact.

Aesthetics play a pivotal role in developing interaction design. Visuals have been very effective in communicating with the visitors, but how to ensure clear navigation, direction and orientation to optimally utilize interactions. Well, Monks discover here in this post!

1. Visuals affect the brain

Unlike other creatures that rely on smell and sound, humans are god gifted with sight and the sense of vision. Most human beings go with the flow of sight. In interaction designs, this is imperative, captivating human sight, and passing the right message to the visitor. Highly visual designs impact a lot of the way users engage on the website. Good visual site that provides cue enables better sign-ups, sales and so much more. Going visual with good use of white space, simple colors and apt navigation enables user to think less and act quickly. Respect how vision dominates everything else!

Websites like MOMA, Smash Lab and Bagigia have used visuals well.



Smash Lab




2. Importance of cues

While some people do not need any cue to finish up an action, most others are not so clever. Thanks in no small part to the growing use of aesthetics and cognitive overload on the websites. Some sites overuse interactive elements making it really complex for the user to browse through the site. It is quintessential to provide directions and cues to users. With right direction users can easily create mental maps and reach to their design action point in no time. Just like a GPS system, users need to which routes to take, the next step and outcome. Breadcrumbs help achieve this quite easily. If you want to check out some good navigation tips, try reading this e-book.

Ideo does it quite innovatively and a snapshot will help you know how.


3. Humans think logical

Humans are quite logical when it comes to taking action. Websites that are visually pleasing ensure providing logical highway through UI to their users. This will help in building consistency across the website. Some websites follow a multitude of design patterns across the different pages leading to a lot of confusion and inaction ultimately. Easy to use interface with similar UI elements makes the site visually pleasing and instantly gratifying. To know more about the impact of consistency, type of inconsistencies and more, check out this brilliantly prepared article. You could also develop your style guides to ensure site-wide consistency.

4. Functional Minimalism

Well, functions follow the visual aspects. Once you are able to gratify the user based on the design, you need to fulfill the same when you are providing them with functions. Functional minimalism is the new concept whereby websites avoid providing users with complex set of tasks and limit the functions and features into manageable sub-tasks. Some modern developers also use functional layering quite smartly enabling advanced users to quickly achieve desired results by passing the beginners.

 5. Mousing to touching

With an advance in responsive web development, the old mousing environment has moved to touching on the smart devices. With this, you need to consider which is the most typical touch or gesture movements on smaller devices? How about finger targets? Are the design elements placed differently for mousing as compared to touching?

Two of such good responsive sites are The Paint Drop and The Starbucks.

The Paint ShopPaint-shop-visuals-interaction-design

The Starbucks


Here are some web development tools you should be knowing about.

What do you think is the right way to build websites using interaction design? Have you tried some excellent visual pathways to let your users accomplish actions easily? Please feel free sharing it through the comments below!

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