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Innovative Captchas – Catch the latest variations for divine UX and security

The notorious CAPTCHA has earned quite a reputation for being an interference ever since its prevalence. The gibberish strings of letters and nos., which is meant to eliminate spam bots has evolved with time. As spam bots are seemingly overcoming simple CAPTCHAs, the complexity of CAPTHAs has increased, which makes it all the more difficult for humans to decipher them. The situation is worse for people with visual impairments, as even CAPTHAs that provide an audio version are difficult to interpret.

With Google’s recent discovery that a new computer algorithm that was originally created to decipher street numbers on Google Maps can also interpret complex CAPTCHAs with ease, the efficacy of CAPTCHAs has come under the scanner. Rising security concerns and user unfriendliness have caused the influx of many innovative versions of CAPTCHAs that are easier on humans and hard on spam bots.

The Monks have listed here a few of these innovative techniques that you can use to make your forms and sites more user-friendly and safe.

1. Mathematical Problems

Simple mathematical problems are used by several sites instead of CAPTCHAs, but spam bots that can read and solve these simple problems can be easily created. But increasing complexity isn’t an option as that would hinder people with limited mathematical abilities from accessing such sites.

Mathematical Captcha


Mathematical Captchas


2. Time Stamps

Spam bots can fill and submit forms instantly, whereas humans take some time to do the same. Using this trait against the bots, many sites reject forms that are submitted before a minimum amount of time. This CAPTHCHA works well as it doesn’t require any human effort. But this too has a loophole, spam bots can be programmed to submit forms with delays in time and this will result into failure of the purpose of the test itself.

3. Gamification

Some sites feature easy and quick games as CAPTCHAS. These can be fun and effective at the same time, but for adult users they might be annoying too. Visually impaired people are also most likely to face difficulties with such CAPTCHAS.

Gamification Captcha


Gamification Captchas

4. Honeypots

Using CSS, sites create invisible fields in forms that are usually not visible to humans, but are visible to bots, such fields are called honeypots. Bots fill these fields and get trapped leading to the rejection of their forms. This seemingly perfect solution also has some drawbacks, users who do not have CSS turned on or have the auto-fill feature to their browser will also end up filling the form and getting rejected by the site.


Verified Sign-ins

Getting people to sign-in using their social media accounts is a great alternative but one needs to ensure that they provide enough options as users might not have an account for the social sites mentioned. This alternative also helps reduce the anonymity of the person signing in, but this might also be seen as an invasion of privacy by many users.

Verified Sign-in

Verified Sign-Ins


There are many CAPTCHA options available out there so choose the one that suits your needs and users the best. For instance, for e-commerce sites that validate users before they make purchases CAPCHAs that require no human effort like honeypots or time stamps work well. You can also use a blend of CAPTCHAs that don’t require human effort and those that do for added security. So go out there and explore the innovative CAPTCHA domain to find the perfect match for your forms and sites!

Are there any other type of CAPTCHAs that you use? Do let us know through your comments.

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