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2018 Inbound marketing conference

September 4-7, Monks attended the biggest inbound marketing conference of 2018. This year HubSpot’s inbound conference was held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

INBOUND 2018 kicked off with the internationally acclaimed author and innovator Deepak Chopra’s Keynote message. The inbound show continues with other sessions; spotlight speakers and featured breakout speakers. With more than 24,000 attendees representing almost every industry imaginable, it was truly an event to connect with tens of thousands of marketers, salespeople, and customer service experts. This year INBOUND presented more than 300 educational sessions.

As you know the inbound marketing has become the primary marketing approach for most of businesses worldwide. This year, many new themes emerged, but the most prominent being ‘Grow Better’. HubSpot cos development is helping businesses ‘grow better’ through technology, methodology and application, which increase the flexibility and expand the usage of platform.

Key Highlights of INBOUND 2018

Inbound 2018

Our Vice President Vikas Jain and our Strategic Alliance Manager Ankit attended all four days of INBOUND 2018. We love to share some important lessons from the top influencer’s speaking sessions and HubSpot inbound product release. Following are some of the most useful learnings for better and bigger growth:

  1. HubSpot unveiled some important product updates during the conference. HubSpot have moved from leveraging the traditional funnel to a flywheel where customers are at the center of our efforts. Previously, they were an output of marketing and sales efforts placed at the bottom of the funnel. We need to get in conversations to connect with prospects when, and how they want.

Funnel vs flywheel

  1. Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer at Google X shares some amazing and thought-provoking call-outs. He created an algorithm for happiness and authored a book ‘Solve For Happy’. And his dialogue made a lasting impression, ‘’Happiness is not a coincidence, it is not given to you by life, it’s entirely our responsibility’’. He said that happiness is a choice and you’re in charge of what you choose to focus on. But, many people misunderstand this and expect results immediately from the choices they made. However, it takes time to cultivate lasting impression. Thus, we need to unite all our efforts to nurture consistently to gain bigger and better growth.

Mo gawdat quote

Source: HubSpot
  1. Allen Martinez is the founder, chief strategist and executive producer at Noble Digital. Allen highlighted the importance of using videos, social media and messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger to reach customer at the right time. He emphasis on using the right media to reach out customers and prospects where they prefer to be online. Video needs to become an essential element of our overall marketing, sales, and service strategy.
  2. HubSpot is now Enterprise ready. Enterprise grade businesses can now leverage better insights with advanced reporting. Also, Sales Hub Enterprise have playbooks, calling transcription, quota management tools and eSignature. Additionally, it consists advanced team management with a native Slack integration. The conversations tool is now having the power of machine learning to help with predictive lead scoring. These are some of the highlights of the enterprise ready HubSpot.
  3. HubSpot released a standalone Content Management System (CMS) on September 5. This means anyone can pay for, use and host a website on the CMS. Until this, HubSpot has only offered their CMS as an add-on to the Marketing Hub tools. This means you couldn’t host your website on HubSpot without purchasing Marketing Basic package.

From September 5, you can purchase the CMS without needing any additional HubSpot subscription.

  1. Inbound is now a global methodology and HubSpot has become more dynamic. More than 71% marketers believe in their inbound marketing strategy. Marketers are focusing on converting leads into customers. Growing SEO/organic presence, content creation and automation are the top marketer’s goals while generating traffic is a constant challenge.

These were the top 6 highlights from the INBOUND 2018. However, there were other sessions, which attracts the marketer’s attention.

Customer behavior is constantly evolving, and their expectations are continuously growing. Thus, it becomes essential to transform customer’s data into better insight to bring more value and more opportunities. That’s why HubSpot is continuously transforming and facilitating us with better tracking and automation platform.

We’re truly inspired and pumped up to be amongst thousands of marketing and sales professionals at the INBOUND 2018.

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