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How to evaluate the quality of your website Part I


Static websites are a thing of the past!

In today’s tech landscape, digital marketing has become more competitive and dynamic. This has made website development a strategic process. A strategy-backed website provides consistency, coherence, and alignment. We can say that the website development is a strategic process of planning, design, and code execution.

Therefore, your design strategy should align with development standards. And that’s how a website design plays a pivotal role in the quality of a website.

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How to evaluate the quality of your website design

Every business needs a perfect website to run business successfully. The one which not just attract the right type of audience but convince them to buy from it. An obsolete design can cause trust issues, loss of sales or leads, and loss of traffic or rankings, which is critical for any business.

However, each element in your design will have to be aligned in some way, whether it’s just plain text on your page, images, videos, buttons and call-to-actions, links within the text or in modules such as a navigation section, etc. on your website.

Let’s understand what a good website offers for a business:

  • Ease of access
  • Great marketing tool
  • Make information or data easily accessible
  • Improve customer service & support
  • Long-lasting value
  • Excellent return on investment (ROI)
  • Expanding global business reach
  • Opportunities unlimited 

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Website Design Checklist

Websites thrive excellence when their strategies are aligned to the realities of the design and development environment. Over the past years brands have become more aware about the design trends. Design trends are constantly changing and with-out keeping up to date, a brand will become obsolete.

Latest trends in website design follows user experience (UX) and performance as their key mantras for ultimate success. Newly evolved design trends such as material design, parallax design, smart and subtle animation, micro interactions, and more usage of videos has made website development more strategic.


A good website is always backed by a strategy. Working with agencies, we experience that what’s more important is the clarity of shared understanding of what we’re trying to achieve? We’ve created a website design checklist to evaluate the quality of website design.

At WebbyMonks, we directly work with our agency partners worldwide and we’ve worked on thousands of websites till date. We’ve almost worked on every type of websites- simple to complex, small to big, and large enterprises.

Latterly, we’ve worked on many redesigned websites. A website design is crucial for developing it into a fully-functional website with a great website experience. And when we audited, we’ve to say a big no to some of them due to their bad design.

These sites can’t be fixed as they need to correct their design first!

Get the Website Design Checklist to evaluate the quality of your design before passing it to the further design process.

Download the essential website design checklist tailored specially for agencies:


website design


Once the design is good to go with the further development process, here are a few things you need to check for creating a quality-proof astonishing website. We’ve created a comprehensive list of check-points, which can help you complete your task efficiently for the need of developing a qualitative website.

Web Accessibility Guidelines

Check web accessibility- separate structure from presentation and use proper mark-up, HTML headings, meaningful and accurate titles to pages, and proper logical tab orders to make sure of that the website can be easily accessible to all.

In the meantime, you need to get a quality check on visual appearance and content accessibility in a proper way on different devices as well on different browser.

However, if you’ve enabled dynamic content on your website, then you must avoid using JavaScript events that radically alter the page or load a new page when fired.

Moreover, you can test all pages for mark-up validation on http://validator.w3.org and If your page does not pass validation, then you need to fix it first before you make website live.

For quality testing of static HTML, WordPress sites, and for broken CSS files you can take help of this amazing tool. Find-out errors in your CSS files and make it correct to continue further development process efficiently.

Also, you need to check all pages for color blindness using simulators or browser plug-ins and you can test it here . Here’s a chrome extension and a very useful and handy utility tool.

Make sure you’ve done all the testing before you go for accessibility testing. If all things are appropriately set, you can make your website live.

If you need any help related to your website launch, an expert team of Monks will be glad to help you, Fill-up the form with your query and one of the Monks will reach to you in next 24-48 hours.

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