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How search engines react differently to responsive websites?

Web is becoming an interactive and fun place! The total number of smart phone users is mounting with crack of every new dawn and 17.4% of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices in 2013! That’s humongous! That said, Responsive web design is growing and CSS media queries are all in the air.

Responsive web design is a modern concept that uses CSS3 media queries. As the name self explains, responsive designs respond to the cross platforms like tablet, desktop, mobile and many more without being contorted.

Moreover, 2013 is also witnessing a search revolution with Google updating its search standards. So, how will having a website optimized for mobile make all the difference to your SEO and search strategy?

– Search engines have a crush on responsive websites!

Google, one of the search engine leaders loves responsive websites. According to Google Officials, SEO is about following the right recommendations and best practices and having a site optimized for mobile is one of them. Webmasters can have the same URL for mobile as well as the desktop version of the site. Through such a practice, webmasters can improvise their website rankings as every single link juice in funneled down into a single URL, instead of two different URLs.

– Improves bounce rate

Responsive design improves user experience and readability of the web page on the mobile devices. Due to high resolution images and excellent design, users stay on the page for a longer period of time improving the bounce rate.

– Responsive design saves search efforts!

Optimizing website for search engines is a cumbersome process, especially with so many updates from Google. That said, designing two set of websites differently will double the search efforts. Instead, if you have a responsive site, the link portfolio that you build for desktop version can be easily applied to the mobile site.

– No more duplication!

Responsive Design is just the same site as the desktop version and not a replica with duplicate content. Creating two different sites might increase the risk of duplicate content. Creating content uniquely for two different sites involves a lot of time and money and still it might at the end be not quite appealing for the visitors. Google and other search engines like unique content. You rank improvise 80X times if you have a responsive website in place.

– Easy Updates!

Updating a single site which is also mobile optimized is far easier than updating two sites differently. Moreover, with a single site and mobile specific SEO strategy you can have optimum search result for both desktop and mobile users.

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