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Gutenberg for WooCommerce: Make It Easy to Manage Your Online Store


When operating a high-speed train, you need to take care of lots of things on different systems- elevated track structures and navigation, signalling and communications, and rolling stocks, etc. All these systems are essential and critical to a safe journey and passenger’s delivery to their destination.  Managing an online store is just like operating a high-speed train where you need to take care of lots of things to serve your customers better experience. All this is required to create a successful business in the competitive market scenario where people have multiple choices. You really need to create an impression by serving easy and superior customer experience.

Meanwhile, if you see today’s buyers, they are having high expectations in term of goods and service quality, delivery, support and maintenance.

Also, they are having more choices when it comes to market your business in this competitive market.


Gutenberg & WooCommerce

Here the twist rolls out!

Gutenberg, the hottest thing in the WordPress arena that is creating buzz all around for quite a time. Everybody is so excited, it is the largest open source project and the Gutenberg team is working on it from the last two and half years. This year in the beginning, Facebook has raised patent issue on the use of React.js in building Gutenberg. WordPress had announced in its statement to change the language from React to Vue to develop this new editor. However, later Facebook dropped its patent clause and allowed WordPress to use its React library to develop its most awaited project- Gutenberg.

As you know that the WooCommerce is the most customizable Ecommerce platform to build an awesome online store for your business. Also, it is one of the most used Ecommerce platforms. Currently, WooCommerce is accountable for 42% of the Ecommerce industry. From Bookings, Subscriptions, Memberships, Facebook store, Auctions, Drop Shipping, Amazon Store, Affiliate Store, Quotes, and Paid Job Listings you can create store for any purpose using WooCommerce with unlimited customization options.

However, the new block-based approach will make it easier to manage your store such as updating inventory and products on daily basis. In Gutenberg everything will be replaced by a block, this will make it a lot easier to manage everything on your store.

The WooCommerce Gutenberg Products Block

The WooCommerce Gutenberg Products block is the main highlight for the Gutenberg post editor. Product Block is a new concept in Gutenberg, which will make it easier to add products to pages and posts. Imperatively, Product Block in Gutenberg is a modern version of the Product Shortcode. You’ll be able to filter the product featured as per their category, sale status and other field. Moreover, you can create your own hand-picked products to display. How awesome it would be to manage your store with such flexibility and control.

Basically, it powers you with an intuitive user interface for uploading products from multiple sources. Once you insert a product from any source through Product Block, it gives you an accurate preview how your product will look when gets published. Gutenberg makes it easier to add products to pages and posts with the help of Product Block, which includes:

  • Hand-picked and individual products
  • Products from specific categories
  • Featured products
  • Sale products
  • Products with specific terms & attributes
  • Bestselling products
  • Top-rated products
  • All products

Have a look of Gutenberg editor, how it works and how it makes an editor’s life easy. Watch the video:


Things you must consider before switching to Gutenberg

Ecommerce store management is a series of processes need to perform on your website to improve user experience. To improve user experience you need to analyse, strategize, and execute necessary actions to perform successful transactions from your customers. Your product catalog is the real deal as you can have thousands of products that needs to update regularly for stock inventory, pricing and other lucrative offerings. All this takes most of your time and efforts. That’s how you can make your store ready for users.

Don't forget to backup and test on a staging environment before updating your site. Click To Tweet


Make sure to check your current theme compatibility with Gutenberg

The new Gutenberg editor will help publishing rich content quickly to make pages look more appealing. But, you need to check whether your WooCommerce theme is compatible with Gutenberg, if not then it might create issues on your store.

You need to try it on staging environment first!

You cannot take the risk of implementing a new plugin on your live website. Upgrade to Gutenberg is new and yet it does not have substantial tests and reviews available. So, it is instructed to try it on staging environment first.

For any specific customization you’ll need an expert’s assistance

Monks advised not to risk your live store for an upgrade. Any advanced customization and updating your store to Gutenberg will require WooCommerce expert’s assistance.

Get prepared for the upgrade until it finally gets released

Going ahead we can see that Gutenberg will be a huge upgrade to the WooCommerce and WordPress. We’re all waiting for the WordPress 5.0 to get this amazing editor to start a whole new journey of delivering better and faster customer experience.

So, if you want to upgrade your existing store with the new Gutenberg editor, then feel free to ask about this new editor.

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