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Gutenberg is coming- Are you ready?

Gutenberg is Coming

Change is inevitable, especially when we talk about technology. Gutenberg is coming! The new WordPress editor will become a part of the WordPress core. It’s the most awaited update in the entire WordPress history and Monks have been preparing for this change. We see this change as an enhancement to the current visual editor of WordPress. It will beautify the post editing experience completely and will give you better control the way a website looks and functions. This may sound like an easier alternative to enhance your website, but it can make things cumbersome and break your website.

At WebbyMonks, we are ready for the Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0, also our agency partners need to get ready for this big change happening very soon. Our partners rely on us to keep them informed and updated. So, its time to inform each of our partners about the update and assist them with Gutenberg update. We take our responsibility for the uptime and integrity of our client’s sites very seriously. This new editor will become the new standard, and this is the right time to try it out on your WordPress site. It allows for more iterative improvements, quicker development and gives users more freedom of choice.

Also, Gutenberg update will affect how your content itself is displayed. Thus, it gets essential to take care of the following considerations for updating your website to Gutenberg, successfully.

1. Backup your website

Create a backup of your site before you start installing Gutenberg to your WordPress site development. So, if anything goes wrong you’ll have a current version of your website to come back.

It can be done both ways- the plugins and the built-in functionality of your web host. So, it’s better to host your staging website and if anything goes wrong you don’t lose anything!

2. Update your WordPress themes, plugins, and core regularly

It is always a good practice to keep your themes, plugins and core codes updated. WordPress core code update is the heaviest (size wise) update. And once a new WordPress core update gets released, your themes and plugins need to get subsequently updated as well. If you don’t update these components, you may have to face some incompatibility issues.

Moreover, be careful while updating these components- plugins, themes, and the core. Don’t try to update all at once as it may freeze and break your website. That’s why creating a backup website is important.

Follow the update order while updating your WordPress website:

  1. Update your WordPress plugins first (Plugins are lightest size-wise).
  2. Next you need to update your theme.
  3. And then update the core version.

3. Test Gutenberg before the WordPress 5.0 launch

Gutenberg plugin is available on WordPress.org and you can install it in your WordPress for testing purpose. Gutenberg is going to be a part of WordPress core with WordPress 5.0 update. It is the best time to take your chances and test it fully to check whether everything works fine.


Source: WordPress.org

However, Gutenberg is getting mixed reviews from the WordPress community. Since it’s still in the beta testing and there are lots of compatibility issues that need to be fixed before the official WordPress 5.0 release. It is recommended to test it on your staging or testing website not on the live site. Share your findings and help open source community to make it better.

Also, take a site audit before performing Gutenberg plugin on your site. A regular audit is necessary for your website’s widgets, plugins, and themes. Make sure that your website is working at its best and you’re ready to update it with Gutenberg.

The best way to embrace the change is to get prepared for it. If you want to update your website with Gutenberg, then Monks will be happy to assist you.

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