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Digital Marketing Checklist 2018-2019

2019 Digital Marketing checklist

“80% of people research a business online before dealing with that business.”


Climbing a high mountain often takes months of hard work, dedication and commitment, both from climbing it as well as preparing yourself for it. Similarly, making a website successful for your business takes hard work, commitment, experiment, and great amount of patience. Are you excited to launch your new website?

You surely are! Okay, keep it up. You probably want to launch is ASAP. But, it’s always good to go with a strategic process, where you can implement all essential elements on the right place to start with your website marketing campaigns.

It is true that a website should be attractive, but to achieve business success through, you need to make it user and search engine friendly as well.

Lucrative design, easy navigation, relevancy, cross-browser and device compatibility are the confidence building factors that can build or trash the trust in users. Build your website with these essential ingredients to boost user’s confidence on your website.

Always test your website before you make it live for the audience so that you can fix things for a better user experience to boost their confidence. You may need to fix a lot of things before you make your website live, test a lot of things whether your site can generate and collect leads. If it’s not fulfilling the business objectives, then it need to fix it or else you won’t be able to seize business opportunities on your website.

These are 5 main elements you shouldn’t miss while perfecting your website for marketing your business:

• Readability
• Navigation
• Mobile-friendly
• Load time
• User tracking

Meanwhile, you need to optimize your website for search engines and social networks for better user interaction and user experience.
It is advisable to fix top considerations before you go live with your newly built website such as technical SEO, website loading speed and user interface standardization and many more.

We’ve created a comprehensive marketing checklist to evaluate whether your website is ready to make an impression on user’s mind or will it be able to generate good business?

Does the site otherwise have any other major quality issues? Is your reporting data accurate? These are the topmost considerations while launching your new website to your target audience. If these things are properly set, then you are good to make it live.

If you’ve designed a new website and want to accelerate business growth through it, then you must fix all essential elements on your website to make it a lead magnet for your business.

However, you can hire digital marketing expert or professional SEO company and certified Monks on your marketing project to deliver high business performance. Let’s start a happy collaboration to deliver desired results.

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Nick Patel

Nick Patel

Nick is a Tech Monk working as a Marketing Head at WebbyMonks. He loves to explore cutting edge technology and share his write-ups through this blog. An avid learner, WordPress lover, passionate technology enthusiasts, and interested in everything tech. While not writing for technology you can find him fishing, shooting with camera, and brewing more filter coffee. On a lighter note, he is here to learn, explore, and overcome technology while falling in love with the tiny nonsense of daily life.

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