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Considering website redesign cost? Chart it out alongside these 4 factors!

Websites are integral part of our lives. Companies use website as one of the most vital communication mediums. Most companies strike a great deal while designing the website in the first go. Some others struggle with the right design and undergo a major overhaul with time.

Well, its really amazing to give a fresh look and feel and kill the boring nature of web, but have you considered the cost associated with such a redesign? It’s elephantine!

Today we will plunge into the holy river of web and idenfify the factors associated with the mounting web redesign cost and how to fix the same?

Expertise of the team

An efficient team of web designers and developers bring sure-shot success and ensures optimum ROI! As a matter of fact, its the “choice of team” that determines the overall web designing cost. If you plan to redesign the website internally, you might have to shell out some dollars in hiring and training the resources. Whereas, if you plan to hire an agency to do so, you might cut down on training costs, but at the same time end up paying huge consulting and designing fees to the agency staff. Invest wisely and make sure it is pocket friendly.

Processes and Workflows

Website redesign passes through a series of processes and workflows. Agencies have the capabilities to work in a defined environment and execute the revamp swiftly. You too can do it internally, if you qualify the first factor of having a robust technical team.

Setting up appropriate workflows and processes like goal setting, persona creation, research, brainstorming, strategy, designs, UI/UX testing, development, etc. Is mission critical.

The cost incurred here is the by product of mahours devoted to sail through these processes. The agile the process, the lesser the cost of redesign.

Technical, Functional and Integration Requirements

Having a lucid picture of the functionalities you wish to incorporate while redesigning a website is vital. If you are hiring an agency, it is crucial to chart out functional and technical requirement documentation and send out to the agency staff or the project manager. If you are applying your hands on to the redesign, ennumerate the list of functionalities to be added in the new site. Not only does the cost freeze at functionalities, CMS, third party and CRM integrations, if required escalate the cost to a new high. Determine the scope of work and fix it before you set a budget on the redesign.

Story telling

Well, with conten being the king of new age marketers, story-telling cant be ignored while determining the cost of a web redesign project. Measure the volume of content, kind of stories yo want to delineate, the type of content you want to showcase (Videos, Infographics, Blogs, etc.), who’s going to curate those stories, the total estimated manhours required for accomplishing the content bit,e tc.

Cumulatively, all these factors can shoot up your website redesign cost, or help you rebrand in a cost-effective yet engaging way. The choice is yet to be! Think Smart!

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