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WooCommerce 3.0.0. Release – April 4


WooCommerce stands favored and powers over 28% of the online stores. It not only provides you with an easy user interface, but is also free and open source. The option to add along various plugins to enhance performance of the store is yet another beautiful advantage that WooCommerce gives away. WooCommerce recently released its 2.7 Beta 3 version on the 17th of February. Many small and big improvements and fixes were made, thus making the last beta version all the more usable.

However, don’t be quite so satisfied by using the current version of WooCommerce and if you are, be prepared to drop it like a bad habit because the Woo Ninjas are all up and about to present the WooCommerce 3.0.0. version instead of 2.7. This Bionic Butterfly is all set to woo you with the new and fixed features.

The updated features for the Developer Community are:

  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) option for orders, products, customers, line items, shipping zones, payment tokens and coupons.
  • The API would use CRUD classes due to which codes won’t be used as much as it is usually.
  • The previously structured data has been output inline which now is JSON-LD format which keeps the template files tidy and the data intact on being customized by the theme developers.
  • Theme support declarations have been added to the custom themes so that the new gallery is being used only if the theme needs it.
  • A permalink function has been added that wouldn’t depend on the language.
  • Changes can be detect after CRUD object saving.
  • CRUD is now being used by the product duplicate code.
  • The amount of mandatory data for the product schema markup is reduced.
  • Checkout performance at the time of sales counts update has been improved.
  • A class is added to handle legacy actions and filter hooks.
  • New API v2 has all the new functionality.


The updated features for the Designer Community are:

  • Improvements have been created on the touch gestures – swipe to scroll, pinch to zoom and swipe up to close.
  • Opening the lightbox in the mobile will reveal the actual size of an image that would clearly be larger than the in-page display.
  • Improved RTL support.
  • Generation and display of variation tiles are improved.
  • Individual products would look different when displayed in groups because of the improvements made.


The updated features for the Website Administration Community/Visitors are:

  • The users will be provided with the facility to magnify and zoom.
  • Intuitive Gallery Behavior – Main image can be updated by clicking on the thumbnail instead of opening a lightbox.
  • The tax rates wouldn’t require manual supervision and would be sorted on its own by specific rules placed above the general rules.
  • If the user logs in with an account, but not an account on the current store, then the WooCommerce store will add the existing users instead of being shown an error.
  • On using authorizations in PayPal standards, the funds are automatically captured when the process is going on or has been completed.
  • Cart percent and Product percent are being merged into one and product cart discounts are removed because the cart percent coupon could only be valid if only eligible items are present in the cart. One ineligible item would stop the coupon unlike product coupons which is intuitive and would automatically apply discount to the eligible items even in the presence of the ineligible items.
  • New improved logging for extensions have been added.
  • When the checkouts get updated, the payment details are always preserved.
  • Archives are being linked to the product attribute lists.
  • Deferred email sending for faster checkouts.
  • Added code so that the products get ‘lazy’ updated – only saved props are written to the database.
  • Prevented negative fees being added to the cart.

WooCommerce comes up with a new release quite frequently and it is a huge task to stay prepared for a WooCommerce release every time. However, in case of any assistance required for updating your online store to the latest version, Monks are WooCommerce Gurus & would be glad to channel their expertise in helping you out.


The wait is over and now you all can just grab your butterfly nets to catch the Bionic Butterfly WooCommerce just released. The WooCommerce 3.0.0. release is bound to be a major hit what with all the attractive features it just gives out to the developers, designers and admins.

Just like the Woo Ninjas had promised, this Bionic Butterfly brings forth updated CRUD classes, a new product gallery, new CLI and Rest API v2, a new logging system and several performance improvements.

Other minor changes like automatic sorting of tax rates, storewide notice being dismissible, existing users being added to the store, automatic capturing of funds, merging of cart percent and product percent coupons, grouped products linked from parents and finally, the switch to JSON-LD format to keep the template files tidy and data intact.

To know more about WooCommerce, you can read on about what the Happiness Engineer of WooCommerce from Automattic mentioned at a WooCommerce Meetup.

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Nick Patel

Nick Patel

Nick is a Tech Monk working as a Marketing Head at WebbyMonks. He loves to explore cutting edge technology and share his write-ups through this blog. An avid learner, WordPress lover, passionate technology enthusiasts, and interested in everything tech. While not writing for technology you can find him fishing, shooting with camera, and brewing more filter coffee. On a lighter note, he is here to learn, explore, and overcome technology while falling in love with the tiny nonsense of daily life.

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