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Top 10 Website Designs with Parallax Scrolling of 2016


Parallax scrolling is a technique that has become mainstream in the latest web design trend. It involves the background frame moving at a slow speed to the foreground frame that creates a 3D effect when you scroll down the webpage. It can provide nice and subtle elements to a website when used strategically.

It helps in easy adjustment of element fading in and out for creating a remarkable impression on viewers. Parallax design provides great depth to webpages with animation effects. Many businesses has already adopted parallax technique to create bespoke websites for their purpose others are following quickly to generate interactions with their customers.

Following is the list of top 10 incredible websites created with parallax effect. Have a glance at these interactive and amazingly awesome websites:

  1. Porsche Volution: The no.1 spot goes to Porshe Volution , the luxury car maker has shown different car models from its inception to till date in a timeline style. The entire website is captivating, check-out how this beautiful car brand has transformed its dashing look over the time with modern design engineering. Also, you can envision the upcoming model by 2020.


  1. Feed Music: The No. 2 spot is captured by a beautiful music website, Feed Music . An inspiring quote by Paulo Coelho welcomes visitors to the website. Easily navigate through the front top and explore the different section of the website. Check-out the cool introductory video by scrolling down. The website offers you everything right in front of you and that too with just a click. Isn’t it amazing?



  1. Flash vs. HTML: The multi-award winner Flash vs. HTML comparison website is placed at No. 3 in the list. The entire look of the website is simply superb and it is divided into two equal parts, where the left side represent the Flash and the right hand side is for the HTML5. Play the ‘WASTE INVADERS’ game by choosing your favorite version and find out the app downloading links for Android and Apple devices.


  1. Life of Pi: A winner of 4 academy awards, the movie ‘Life of Pi’ has a stunning website to demonstrate Pi’s epic journey is at spot no. 4. The survival journey of ‘Pi’ Patel and his adventurous shipwreck tale has been described through eye-catching graphics. Scroll down to keep-up with the journey with interesting images and virtual effects in parallax style.


Furthermore, if you like the story and wants to watch the movie, order film’s DVD from the website.

  1. Bose: The leading consumer electronics company Bose has made its website simple yet interesting. The website has two language options to display its content- English and French. The website is beautifully developed with parallax effects, where everything is kept on the front page without any scroll. Choose any particular section and browse through different sections with fancy parallax scroll down.


  1. NASA Prospect: This is another beautiful example of parallax designing, ‘NASA Prospect’ website takes you to the incredible intergalactic journey with audiovisual effects. The website describes the story of planet prospectors by NASA to recover the golden objects scattered across our solar system. Keep scrolling and get interacted with free floating astronaut named ‘Nicholas’ accompanied by a female robot assistant ‘Ema’.


Explore the adventurous journey into the space and start unlocking many mysterious facts about the universe.

  1. The Boat: The title short story of Nam Le adopted by SBS into an audio-visual graphic novel ‘The Boat’ has an intriguing website. SBS has made the website completely interactive with the help of renowned Australian movie sound designer Sam Petty. The entire story is divided into 6 chapters and each parallax slide demonstrate the chapter using moving parallax layers to create a sense of depth. Choose from the options- sound, auto-scroll, and full screen and enjoy the story about an escape after Vietnam War.


  1. Lix Pen: The most amazing thing is now you can write and paint in air with the help of a Lix This magnificent 3D pen manufacturer has convinced the idea of little things can do big ideas through a beautifully designed parallax website. Watch-out how things takes different shapes with the help of this incredible pen.


Also, you can select and order your 3D pen from the website itself.

  1. Invstr: The market investment mobile app, Invstr, has made sophisticated financial information available to the layperson. Its website interface opens up with a video- scroll down to learn, play, and share valuable insights from the financial capital market. Get access to high quality financial information in a bespoke style.


However, we can say that the app is the beginning of social revolution that the financial industry has yet to experience.

  1. Walking Dead: Have you ever seen the dead people or zombies walking on hunt, if not yet, then you should definitely visit ‘The Walking Dead’ parallax enabled website. The website is beautifully designed and developed with parallax effects to demonstrate the American horror drama television series in an audio-visual style.


The entire storytelling is beautifully conceptualized in a horizontal scrolling with eye-grabbing animation to zombiefy the audience.

The Other Side of the Coin

Interesting transition and animation can be extremely useful in terms of user experience (UX). As we know even roses come with thrones, parallax scrolling can backfire if overused.

To create a distinctive and remarkable website, you need to have a good understanding of different elements to implement parallax design properly.

Otherwise, parallax implementation can lead to a disastrous user experience (UX).

Thus, for creating a better and engaging user experience on your website it is advisable to consult with professional developers.

Get our PSD to HTML services for enabling your business website with responsive parallax to mark an impression on your visitors.

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