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Benefits of Using The Dedicated Team Model (DTM)

Benefites of Dedicated Team Model

If you want to complete a project successfully on time in a cost-effective style and without much hustle, then hiring a dedicated team is the right thing. Why hiring a dedicated team for your project makes more sense?

Not just one, but, here are plenty of advantages favouring dedicated team model (DTM) over getting your own inhouse team!

Whether you want to cut expenses for search and recruitment, and you want to save the infrastructure cost and overhead expenses- in both cases hiring a dedicated team is the right choice. It is a cost-effective solution to complete your project in desirable style. You may be loaded with the cyclic or seasonal workload with strict deadlines, in such situations on boarding a skilled and dedicated team for your project need is a best and quick solution. This way you can cut the risk with competent project management. Also, you can put your focus on core strategies and business.

Moreover, when the scope of work is not properly defined, you can change the request any time. You can extend the team whenever required. In such scenario, you’ll get better flexibility and scalability for completing the project the way you want.

Following diagram will bring clarity on why hiring a dedicated team over your inhouse team and freelancers is the best choice.


Top advantages of having a dedicated team by your side

  • Access to best talent resource with reliable support
  • Collaborative & Flexible engagement including changes of requirements
  • Focused approach with core competencies
  • Reduction on annual operating cost
  • Faster turnaround time & increased productivity
  • Elevation in performance efficiency level
  • Absolute control over the project
  • Great results & organizational transformation

These are the top advantages you can have while having a dedicated team on your side for completing your project. However, DTM has 5 big advantages you can have, have a look at it:

 1. Cost-effective partnership comes in a handy way

Dedicated Team Management (DTM) has a transparent, simple, and monthly billing cycle. Depending on the size and composition of the team allotted to the project, every month client pays the service provider. This way you can get rid of an ongoing salary of assigned team by paying them on project basis. In other words, you can easily ‘hire and fire’ team for your project as per need.

Also, there are good chances of getting a good outsourcing partners for your agency’s ongoing projects need.

2. A proper onboarding is the key!

You need to be super clear about project need and be sure of the hiring team’s communication skills, competence, and experience before you decide to bring them onboard. Make sure by investing proper time and energy in onboarding any new team for your project.

For starters, you absolutely must invest some time getting to know each-other, especially when you’re planning to work together for longer period. You can introduce your key agency members to their project managers and other coordinators. You can explain your company’s vision and values for better understanding of your working cultures. This will help in reducing the gap and make them connect with your business goal.

3. Using tools of your advantage

Thanks to technology, making our life easy and work processes simple and efficient, especially when both teams are sitting oceans apart. Yet effective communication and collaboration are integral yet essential variables to make impeccable project delivery in time. Likewise, advanced tools help in tracking and updating projects in real-time so that suggestions and feedback can be implemented simultaneously. It is good to avoid unnecessary ‘To and Fro’ amid the project.

Using good tool empowers both ends- your project need and the outsourcing partners. It becomes easy to streamline the processes further, efficiently. For instance, you might consider these good team collaboration and project management tools– Slack, ProofHub, Asana, Basecamp, InVision, TrackDuck, and BugHerd. These tools will help you in better team collaboration and easy communication. Email and text can often be misunderstood, it is good to speak to each-other as much as possible.

4. Constant update of work-in-progress projects

Streamlined communication and interactions are required to complete any project on time. With clear understanding and expectations set for the team, you can decide on deadlines ahead of time with deliverables. Also, you need to set a proper tracking and feedback system. It becomes important as you won’t directly be overseeing the work, but you can have a look at every step and module while developing your project with the help of any outsourcing partner.

A quick call whenever required is a good way to stay updated with your project progress. However, you need to set a call in advance due to availability of hiring team on your time zone. It is good to speak frequently as much as you can.

5. Ultimately, a reliable and long-term partnership

Once you find a good and reliable team and you want them to stay – or if you want to start a long-term partnership- then you need to make them feel valued. You can explain and connect them with your virtues, values and work culture and align them with further projects.

You know when it’s time to take a new leap in your relationship after working on some projects, consistently. Take your relationship on a new level of partnership, mutual understanding and shared responsibilities. You can guide your partner about efficient processes and advanced tools that can save huge efforts and lot of money. Always share regular and constructive feedback on the completed task or what can be done to improve the functionalities and overall project.

We’re pretty much sure that you’ll be able to reap the rewards in the form of a stronger and long-lasting partnership. Remember, some good karma never cost much and doesn’t hurt, either.

Wrapping up

Choosing a right team, getting started and organized to process further development of your project are some of the things you need clarity before hiring any team to complete your business objective. And if you believe in building a strong and long-term partnership, then you’ll know which team to select for your ongoing project need.

If you want to build a project successfully in a cost-effective way, then you can hire a team of dedicated developers from us. Communicate with our executive and make things clear before putting a dedicated team on any project. You can have a chat and make a quick call to understand and make things clear at both ends. Monks will be glad to assist you and we’ll see if you require a dedicated manager to further coordinate on the project.

Let’s build a strong and growing partnership. Start chanting the holy mantras of better team collaboration and team management by partnering with Monks.

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