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Are you going “Responsive” – 4 Considerations before you kick start!

Webmosphere is heating up with fierce competition all around. The only way out is by providing unmatched & supernal customer experience to your website visitors. To make this happen effectively, the new age designers, developers and marketers are working in tandem with one another resorting to the modern concept of web design – Responsive Technology.

As Responsive Web Design (RWD) delivers a consistent user experience, irrespective of the platform used to view the website, it is one of the important touchpoints for experiential marketing. With a single code base, it is also believed to be boosting the SEO outcomes.

Though, this whole idea of responsive design is quite fascinating; it might not be a good move if you decide to invest in responsive web development without giving a second thought.

Here are a few considerations to ponder upon, before you jump in the holy river of Responsive Design to wash out your old desktop sins:

1. Seamless Information Architecture

Information architecture of the website is based on the context, content and the target audience who visits the website. All your elements presented in the Information Architecture may it be the content type, navigation, in-search functionalities, brand assets or menus, should provide a user experience which is unique and unequaled. If your desktop site has an architecture that is superior and renowned among the visitors, don’t bring a major overhaul to it just to resort to RWD. Rather continue the same and create a separate mobile site catering to the small screen audience with a new architecture. If not maintained right, the two sites might be under the lens of search engines. Decide wisely before choosing one of the two.

2. SEO VS. Competency

Google has been recommending the use of RWD for quite some time now. Some of the companies, to optimize their search presence, resort to RWD however, they later chance upon hindrances while developing such RWD. This typically happens because of the lack of expertise and resources. While optimizing for search engines might be the main motto behind designing with responsive technology, it might surely be a cumbersome effort if you do not possess enough knowledge and expertise to execute it.

3. jQuery Compatibility Check

Last few years have witnessed a surge in the interactive websites and most of these are developed using jQuery. jQuery can be used to provide a host of effects which might work perfectly well on desktops, but not so amazingly well on the small screens. If you have developed a website with excellent interactive components, do not go for RWD and rather deliver the best desktop experience. On the contrary, if you want to go ahead with the concept of RWD, make sure you are having components on the site that render flawlessly even when viewed across the platforms. Let there be no transition in the user experience due to jQuery.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Lastly, one cannot overlook the cost-factor! Since, RWD has an increased development time, it is little costly. If you do not have financial limitations and have the right skill set to execute it immaculately, go for it now! If that’s a bottleneck, for the time being avoid the transition.


Wrapping it all up, responsive web design is surely the big thing for providing break free customer experience, but make sure the information architecture is upright, cost constraint is eliminated, technical competency is elevated and the support of jQuery is tested well. If you are close, get ready for this heavenly transition.

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