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A Checklist to Hire A Reliable White Label Company

white label company

Outsourcing has grown immensely over the years owing to its long list of perks like an expanded pool of resources, saving on the operational cost, getting the right expertise and many more. With this, when a company or an agency plans to outsource, they often go through a range of tips on finding the right outsourcing partner for them. Which eventually seem too theoretical to be implemented.

Discontinuing the theoretical approach of advising you on the right white label company for your business, we here bring you a specific checklist that would guide you in practically scrutinizing the reliability of your outsourcing partner:

Here is your checklist:

1. Dedicated Project Management Team

When opting for outsourcing with an offshore partner, you need to pay attention to the parameters like the communication channel and the project management model. Therefore, there is a series of questions that you need to ask your outsourcing service provider, these include:

  • Do I get a dedicated project management team that works only on my project?
  • What are the communication channels used by the service provider?
  • Would you assign me a single point of contact?
  • What would be the reporting procedure you follow?
  • Will I get authoritative transparency on the project?
  • Would your team be willing to work according to my project management strategy?
  • How many feedbacks do you offer?
  • What are the project management tools your team uses?

2. Security and Credibility Parameters

Opting for outsourcing includes sharing your proprietary company data and trade secrets with another company (the outsourcing partner). So, you need to discuss the security concerns and credibility parameters clearly with the resource provider. The right checklist queries to ask yourself as an outsourcing sponsor to the vendor would be:

  • Are you willing to sign the confidentiality agreement for data security?
  • What are the security parameters you follow for authorized access to our data within your company?
  • What are the data recovery procedures followed in the case of any hardware failure?
  • Do you take the responsibility of the data security if you use any third-party applications for our project
  • Will you manage my project in-house or outsource somewhere?

3. Resource Availability

As you check the reliability of your outsourcing service partner, the first point you need to consider is the human resources you get for the business. So, there are certain questions that you need to ask the white label company you hire, these include:

  • Do you have a large in-house team of resources?
  • Your in-house team would work on my project or you would have to go for custom recruitment?
  • How many resources would be custom recruited and what would be the time required in recruiting?
  • Would custom recruitment cost me extra on my budget?
  • Is there a scope of scalability if my project needs more resources?
  • What is the average experience of the resources who will work for me?

The above questions will help you assess the reliability of a white label service provider if you are planning to opt to outsource for your long-term business goals.

4. Brand Reputation and Trust Factor

If you wish to hire a white label marketing agency for your long-term business development goals, you need to find a well-recognized provider. Here is what the checklist would look like:

  • How many years of experience the company has in the field?
  • Have you as an outsourcing vendor worked on similar requirements previously?
  • Can you offer me some client references with similar projects? (* though they are on NDAs with their clients, still there are few clients whose work they can share with you)
  • Can you help me with some of the case studies relevant to my project?
  • Are your resources having the necessary certifications?

5. Engagement Model and Payment Criteria

While checking the reliability parameters, you also need to be clear about the payment procedures that the outsourcing company follows and the engagement model they offer. The important queries you need to include in your checklist are:

  • Do you as an outsourcing vendor accept a monthly payment procedure?
  • The maximum number of payment milestones you can offer for a project?
  • What are the types of engagement models you offer?
  • Are you ready for a transparent payment reporting? (for SEO-PPC campaigns spend)

The above points help you derive a multi-layered checklist procedure for yourself and guide you on the points to look out for when partnering with a white label company. So, if you are planning to outsource your projects for business development, start ticking off this checklist today!

White Label company

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Kevin Oskow

Kevin Oskow

Kevin is the Vice President of Client Success with the Webby Monks, a full-service outsourcing company offering services to agencies to help with overflow support. His background is rooted in search, design, development and digital/traditional marketing. Over the last 2 decades, he has helped hundreds of companies grow their business, seeing them through the hurdles that come with early success and tight budgets. With over 15 years in the agency world, he brings unparalleled knowledge and experience to every project.

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