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7 Glamorous web design trends to meditate in 2014!

Web design is evolving at a fast pace. Since the late 2012, web design has witnessed an enormous surge in new trends inviting novelty and innovation. In this post, we will talk about some of the hottest web design trends to look forward to in the 2014!

Retina Support: Along with the responsive web design, a dramatic rise will be observed in the designers building retina support especially for the Apple clients. Retina screens are basically twice as dense as any average LCD. So, retina screens have the same number of physical pixels, but digitally twice as many pixels can be fitted into the same physical space. Hence, to create a pixel perfect web design supporting retina devices designers will need to create two sets of images.

Fixed Header Bars: Have you thought to staple the header bar onto your website pages? If not, 2014 will look further into it as many designers will be using the CSS fixed position to staple the header bars. Fixed headers can work on any website including the most recent social networks and apart from the aesthetics, the fixed header bars provide an exceptional user experience in terms of web navigation.

CSS Transparency: The new CSS 3 properties have allowed for generating transparency in any modern web browser without using photoshop. Any webpage element can be edited with more transparency within it. Transparency can also be manipulated through rgba() color syntax. When designing in CSS you have the option of specifying colors using Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha-Transparency values. So using the syntax rgba(255,255,255,0.6) would generate the color white at only 60% opacity.

Product or Service focused landing pages: The new age designers will focus on simpler web pages especially landing page, centering around the core product or calls to action.

Digital QR Codes: Quick Response Code developed from the older UPS barcodes has witnessed a new growth over time. In 2014, apart from the print more and more web will incorporate the QR codes digitally. QR codes will be built right in the design especially in the footer, contact pages etc. A brilliant example of digital QR code can be seen at Email Monks Infographics on Email Design Best Practices.

Home Page Feature Tours: Sliding image presentation and demo videos are to be trending really high in 2014. Designers will construct informative goodies that look good on the webpages. Designers will also be using the top of the home page to provide a feature tour differentiating their products from that of the competitors. This might be demonstrated by the support of big graphics and icons.

Mobile Navigation Toggle: This is one of the brilliant trends especially when you want to give readers access to all the important links without crowding the page and making it illegible. Mobile Navigation Toggle Menus look brilliant on the Smartphones. Designers hide the entire responsive navigation unless required. Instead of showing entire responsive design, designers design menus in various forms and can have links drop down from the top, side and there are just plenty options to play around.

Summing up, 2014 is going to be action packed for most designers taking into consideration the new upcoming trends in web design.

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