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6 most divine and upcoming concepts of web design in 2013!

2013 is on the move! We saw a lot many flat and thin concepts of web design chipping in this year. With advancement in technology, website  design and development has evolved to a great extent.

Monks come up with some of the most used concepts of web design in 2013:

Designed Typography

Using fonts that attract eyeballs and arrest the footfalls is vital to stand out of the competition. With an increase in the typography options available, more designers resort to a designed typography than the normal standard fonts. Some of these might not be web safe fonts though and might affect the legibility,  which can be a concern for some marketers. For most others, using fancy fonts is creating attractions among visitors.

Brand Centric VS. SEO Centric

Organizations are shifting their focus from search optimized websites to brand focused sites, centering brand elements and limiting the SEO elements while designing a site. Designers will start focusing on creating attractive web page with immaculate logo and images while the content team will focus more on informative content than stuffing keywords for better rankings.

Increased Responsive-ness

The first half of 2013 saw some boom in the responsive websites. However, not many marketers have yet moved from the traditional web to responsive web design. Designers will prefer using concepts with capability to render across multiple viewing environments and devices like Tablets, Smartphones and Desktops. Many of our clients combat a big confusion in terms of understanding responsive design and some of them are totally unaware about the concept. You might get a better understanding about it in our responsive email infographic.

Vertical scrolling

Web sites these days ensure optimal user friendliness and convenience. Many websites today offer horizontal and vertical scrolling for mobile devices. This concept is picking up. Vertical scrolling will offer easy navigation and handiness to users. Users will also be able to scroll menus vertically, just at the finger tips.

Vertical Scrolling

Parallax scrolling

Very few websites today offer parallax scrolling. In Parallax scrolling, as you scroll, the background images translate slower than the content in the foreground, creating the illusion of 3D depth. There are 4 kinds of parallax scrolling methods that are becoming popular: Layer Method, Sprite Method, Animation and Raster Method.

Parallax Scrolling

Simpler Interfaces

Web designers are using web apps, services and tools that are highly focused on the load time optimization cutting down a glut of features with simpler interfaces. Traditional software developers were neglecting the need of simper interfaces till early 2012. Most web designers in 2013 please visitors with ultimate visual zen and clutter free UI.

Summing up, Responsive Designs, Simpler interfaces and there are just many factors jointly that fuel the transition from a love of all things textured, beveled and drop-shadowed to a desire for flat colors and simple typography and these modern concepts are becoming the game changer of the web design world in 2013.

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