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6 key ingredients for creating High-Performance Mobile Websites!

People love to browse websites on the move. As more users globally are using smart phones, it is imperative to make a responsive website that loads quickly and renders well. Most visitors like the website to respond within 3 seconds. That said, fulfilling the expectations of mobile users is becoming challenging with every new day.

Monks in the monastery develop websites that load quickly on the mobile devices – So, what’s the key? Well, most mobile phones have short battery life and small screens and thus the following are the solutions that can help you create high performance mobile websites.

1. Measure the bandwidth:
Most designers, who develop responsive websites, use wi-fi connectivity with high bandwidth and thus while developing the site they don’t take into consideration the devices with low bandwidth that takes time to load the webpage. Simulate the real world mobile bandwidth conditions through web performance testing.

2. Monitor the Content:
Continually monitoring the content that users view according to device characteristics (such as supported radios or physical screen size) will help you to identify the content and services that are more or less popular on mobile phones. Some of the leading brands now have started analyzing the maximum viewed sections of the website for the desktop version and while optimizing for mobile they give importance to those sections primarily, track the performance and then change the layout if required doing an A/B test.

3. Better Logging:
Google analytics gives information regarding the devices but it fails to come up with stats on the screen sizes and input method. Using a comprehensive device-detection repository (DDR) once can add this information to existing log files. Adding a simple code snippet, you can obtain the physical dimensions of the screen.

4. Create a Separate Mobile Website:
Instead of creating a responsive web design version of the original site, it is always better to create a separate mobile website, especially, when the performance is mission critical. While trying to create a separate mobile site, ensure that the implementation process is simple and clear with the better redirection system and search engine friendly code.

5. Beware of the dark clouds:
Cloud services enable you to easily add features in any website however, the main encumbrance to adapting cloud service is its incapability to timely transmit the data. It can take up to 2 seconds to load the website, losing more than half of your visitors.

6. Content Optimization:
To make the website load faster and in an efficient way, optimize the content of the site. Right from the images, video, CSS to HTML make sure all of them are correctly optimized. Use dynamic minification of HTML and CSS content.

Wrapping up, designing a website that enhances user experience and creates superior mobile friendliness is vital. Start with monitoring the characteristics of the devices, squeeze the content and tweak the development environment a little and you are ready for a zip zap zoom website!

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