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6 Critical Elements to make your Homepage a Shangri-La!

With an increase in the competition, marketers are finding it extremely challenging to provide an unmatched user experience. Talking about websites in particular, a good home page creates a great first impression and a great first impression makes you win half of the battle easily.

Home page is the first point of purchase and if optimized nicely, a lot of traffic might come to your inner landing pages grabbing you a lion’s share of revenue and conversions. An ideal home page provides the visitors and prospects with an overview about your service proposition, products and value offerings.

Monks feel that by adding the following key elements; you can create a heavenly homepage that might eventually improve traffic, reduce bounce rate and increase the conversions.

1. Well-defined Headline and Sub-Headline

Visitors choose to surf across your website looking at the headline and sub-headline of your home page. A vague headline might not captivate the attention of the visitors and you might be shooting up the bounce rate. Use a very catchy headline which quickly grabs the attention and convey your message and intention in a precise way. The sub-headline should clarify further about the business goals, proposition and message, but yet in a simple and brief manner. Also, make sure that the headline and sub-headline is powerful enough to pass the crucial three-second test.

2. Highlight your USPs

Your prospects and visitors should be able to find a distinct unique selling proposition on your home page. Being the first point of purchase, highlighting your USPs on the homepage will help you standout easily and even create a top of the mind recall among the subscribers.  Put across your USPs in crisp yet clear manner ensuring there is no verbal diarrhea of information.

3. Proper Placement of Call-to-Actions

Call-to-Actions are major driving force in generating qualified leads.  Homepage, being the first step for generating lead, needs to have proper placement of CTAs. Bring the vital CTAs to the attention of your subscribers by placing them above the fold. Shout out lout by placing a couple of CTAs on the page. That will also help in increasing the chances of lead generation.

4. Testimonials of Satisfied Client

Testimonials help increasing the credibility of your products or services. It also indicates that your existing customers are happy associating with you. That said; let your home page have some good client testimonials with the name and photograph of the client, if possible. Don’t flood the home page with a lot of them all over, but instead make a section, highlighting a few important ones and provide a “View More” link or use smart scrolling if you want to show all of the testimonials on the same page.

5. Informative Content

Of late, visitors visit the websites not only to buy products or service, but to buy helpful resources and information. Offer your visitors with informative and interesting giveaways like e-books, case-studies and white papers. You could also create a subscriber panel and ask in for more information before they download the resources like their email, contact, company name etc. to use the same into your email marketing or any other communication channel. Remember, personalization is the key to breakthrough the subscriber’s top of the mind space.

6. User-friendly Navigation

Higher Bounce rates are a major setback for many websites. One primary reason why visitors choose to do away with your home page is because of a poor user interface and design. Poor navigation crashes down the user experience radically. Your navigation should be linked well to the inner pages and it should be intuitive not taking much of the user’s time dabbling around the site.


To sum it up; home pages are undoubtedly the most crucial point of any website. A poorly created homepage invariably leads to a higher bounce rate and decreased conversion. Therefore, as a web designer and developer one needs to take utmost care of the above mentioned  elements and aim providing an ultimate user-experience, the next time.

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