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5 Things Web Designers Should Know to Become a Maestro!

Being a maestro adds a lot of substance alongside your name. Because of your superior skills and acumen, you are revered by most others in the fraternity. So, which are the 5 things every web designer should know to become a maestro?

Here are some wise words from Monks:

1. Know the WEB

Being a web designer, you should know what web is from an accessibility standpoint. You should be aware of the trends and dynamic nature of the web. You should also know what is easily accepted by the audience and what’s getting obsolete soon. You should also be aware about how the mobile web pages and web servers work.

2. Know HTML by heart

As a web designer you should learn HTML by heart. You should have very nice knowledge of PSD to HTML conversion, CSS best practices, responsive HTML and ensure that such concepts help improving the usability of websites.

3. Know the Design Process

As design is the key ingredient to success, you should be a doyen of the design process. You should be able to design websites with good spacing. You should facilitate the users with on the go reading. Use more white space in the design, keep the proportion and balance in the design. Get the color and hierarchy basics right. Your design should appeal the users and psychologically create top of the mind recall among visitors.

4. Know the bugs and fixes

If you are an experienced designer, you should be easily able to know the bugs and fix them quickly. You should be aware about the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. You should be aware about the various troubleshooting programs and problems with modern techniques like responsive designs and media queries.

5. Knows about Copywriting and SEO

If you are really eager to be called maestro and be revered among the fellow communities, it’s imperative for you to know about Copywriting and SEO. Why so? Simply fair because if you do not optimize the web design as per the search engine guidelines, there are very less chances of your SEO team to perform well expending a lot of hours on the same site. Secondly, if you are conversant or even have hands on expertise in the copy, you can really dominate the web design world writing compelling copies.

Wrapping it all up, it is advisable for all the web designers to think beyond the normal grids of design and chip in more creativity through workflows, processes, technical competencies and content. Remember, if you do it right, you are a Maestro, a Godfather!

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