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5 Signs that your landing pages needs a major overhaul

5 Signs that your landing pages needs a major overhaul

With an increase in the competition to decorate the online marketing touch points and provide a supernal user experience, marketers are now expanding efforts for creating a spic and span landing page.

Often regarded as one of the most important marketing touchpoint – Landing page –is the web page that helps in capturing leads; where generally the visitors or prospects land to take an action.

So, do you think your landing pages need an overhaul for better lead generation? If you are skeptical, here are a few demon like signs that can answer your doubt well!

1.) Conversion rate is at the rock bottom

Conversion rate is a vital parameter that helps you in understanding whether your landing page is effective or it needs an overhaul. If the overall CVR is low, then it’s time for you to roll your sleeves up and rework on the design and content. Check out on an average CVR of the industry and competitors, if possible. Check out the placement of links or buttons or other CTAs that drive users to the landing page. Check the age of the landing page, whether the traffic is paid or organic etc. Benchmark your own CVR, compare the changes, draw an analogy and determine if it’s time for you to sail and drift further.

2.) Weaker Lead Capturing

It might so happen that your landing page is capturing leads, but the quality of lead isn’t so amazing. In such a scenario, you can check with your sales team about the overall change in the lead quality and identify the pain areas on a landing page. Drill down to the form fields, content copy, value proposition, pricing and checkout process. See if some of these are the hampering the quality of leads.

3.) Eye-straining Information Blocks

Landing pages are devised to generate quick leads and capture information with ease. If the page is verbose with a boat load of information, it will not pass the 3-5 seconds rule. For a good landing page, it is of prime most importance that visitors are able to skim through the page in 3 seconds and quickly finish the action which they intend to take. Any delay needs reconsideration on the form fields, content and process.

4.) Missing out on visual aesthetics

Visually pleasing information and pages are easily scannable and more attractive. If your landing page doesn’t have an attractive headline, a value proposition statement, image, interactive form fields, buttons or other important element then in that case, the visitor might really be baffled about the kind of action to be taken, leading to a dropout. If you feel you don’t use many elements, may be, try using some and gauge the difference.

5.) Haven’t surveyed customers and visitors

If you haven’t surveyed the customers and visitors for a long time, you might surely require a landing page re-design very soon. Customers and visitors like to participate and give suggestions. They like to express their likes and dislikes. Get a survey and feedback session and see if they like the present landing page or they need a redesign of certain elements. Incorporate the findings via wireframe and test the new elements on a set of customers. If the response rate heightens, you hit the nail on the head, otherwise, you need to put extra efforts.


There are times when variety adds spice to your life. When it comes to marketing, innovation can take you really far and add a great deal of variety for your visitors. Optimize for the best user experience, innovate and continue engaging the visitors on the landing pages – convert hell to heaven with the aforementioned tips easily!

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