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5 must competencies for a supernal User Experience Design

An intuitive user experience is a must to sustain in the fast growing web environment. For an immaculate user experience design, the design and development team of any company needs to own the following technical competencies:

1. Information Architecture

To start with, the technical team should focus on information architecture. The information architecture should be able to answer the questions like what are the users’ primary goals, and how can they achieve them using the website or application? How do users get from place to place? What rules exist that users have to work around? How are product features and components branded? The team has to ensure that the user interface structure satisfies the corporate objectives, product strategy and overall mission of providing customer experience.

2. Interaction Design

Developers engaged in the interaction design need to focus on the page-level layout and come out with a sketch of the best possible layout patterns, separating out the most important features and information that needs users attention, behaviors occur on dragging and dropping, on mouse over, and so on. The team also needs to focus on satisfying the primary needs of the users and help them achieve their goals from the design. The interaction design team should also classify the various required grids, tabs and panels for a better interactivity. With so many pre-built components available in the library, developers can just pick the one they like and go ahead with its application.

3.  Usability Engineering

Here’s when the usability testing comes to play. It’s the time when the team needs to think about the website or application from the viewpoint of user and find out the discrepancies between the expected user behavior and actual behavior. The team needs to deliver the usability plan, findings and make the necessary design considerations. It should be ensured that the usability engineering is accomplished keeping in mind the end user.

4. Visual Designs

It should be ensured that there is a consistency in all the visual elements and components. The team has to ensure that there is a visual hierarchy and consistency among the brand elements across the viewing devices. Likewise, the navigation pattern should be smooth for different viewing environments. The visual design communicated the brand to visitors globally and hence it is one of the most vital parameters of the user experience design.

5.  Prototype Engineering

The prototype engineers normally take care of the functioning of the proposed interactive components. As per the findings of the usability testing report, the prototype engineer would revamp the existing UI framework and increase the process efficiency.

Wrapping it all up, if you have a great team who can build an attractive information architecture, add interactivity on the static WebPages, do the usability testing and prototyping blending with visually pleasing design structure, you are ready to deliver a supernal user experience design.

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