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5 Deadly Sins That Could Cripple Your Mobile SEO

With the changes in Google’s algorithms, it is important to keep your SEO practices updated. Moreover, with an increase in the smartphone users globally, you can’t do away with the mobile sites. If you are going responsive, its really great as you are already going the Google’s path (as they recommend responsive web design), but what about SEO efforts from the mobile sites.

Here are the 5 deadly sins that could cripple your mobile SEO badly:

Faulty redirects

All the sites that employ user agent detection and redirection on a mobile domain normally fall prey to sending users on wrong URL. It creates a bad user experience as well as with wrong redirection you lose out your prospects and conversion. The faulty redirects affects the rankings on search engines badly.

Unplayable videos

Alright, so you are using video and that’s good to cheer about, but what if the same videos aren’t playable on the mobile sites. Some videos cant be played on certain smartphones. To prevent from this mishap, Google suggests standard HTML5 tags for video clearing the formats not supported by all the mobile devices. Unplayable videos are a big turn off for Google.

Aggressive Disruption

Certain websites aggressively disrupt the attention of users with calls to action like download apps or buy now through a lightbox overlay. This can piss Google off and affect your rankings. You should only display your calls to action smartly, but if you overdo it aggressively with the purpose of disrupting attention of the visitors, you are dead.

Consider the below two examples, the former which is not recommended the later that might not be affecting the rankings.

Image1 Image2

Image3 Image4

Irrelevant Linkings

Bad linking is a sure shot way to hell. Mobile users consume most of the content on the go. Very similar to the redirect issue, if there are lot of bad links and mobile users unable to go to the right landing page, Google will catch you and probably as they crawl bad links easily your rankings will hurt. When you cross link your website to others or a mobile site with desktop site, do it smartly.

Slow loading pages

Slow loading pages will bug the users extremely and if you don’t follow the 3 second rule, you are again under the lens. If the responsive sites are not optimized for speed, they are bound to become slower. Hire an agency like Webby Monks that specialize in delivering highly load speed optimized mobile websites.

Wrapping it up, Google might or might not penalize you for the aforementioned mistakes, but it might surely hurt your rankings on the search engine result pages. Maximize your mobile SEO or turn on to responsive site, but ensure that you are in the good books of search engines like Google.

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