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5 Competitor Analysis Tools to Spy on Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategies

competitor analysis tools

Gone are the days when competition inspired fear, today, competition can be the most perfect source of motivation. Marketers today have started learning from their competitors. And that is where competitive marketing strategies comes into the picture. Smart marketers regularly employ competitor analysis strategies to checkout the strategies that are working for their competitors.

But what are the basics you need to know before your start with competitive marketing?

Well, here are two factors to consider –

  • The areas you need to analyse.
  • The competitor analysis tools that promise the best insights.

Generally, marketers track these competitive marketing strategies- SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing.

Here we bring you the Top 5 Tools for Competitor Analysis:

1. SimilarWeb

This tool helps you analyse the traffic on your competitors’ sites. It offers you insights like the total monthly traffic on a website, the source that drives the highest traffic to the site, and the individual sources of various visitors.

competitor analysis tools

You just need to enter the URL of your competitor’s website and it will receive the various traffic analysis statistics along with visitor dynamics like total number of visitors, the average number of sessions, and session duration.

Based on the competitor analysis you can take a note of the various important traffic sources and optimise for them. The tool allows you to compare more than one competitors.

2. SEMrush

One of the best comprehensive SEO competitor analysis tools is SEMrush. The tool offers you multiple features which together form a 360-degree view of your competitor strategies.

competitor analysis tools

The various aspects of SEO competitor analysis featured by SEMrush, include:

  • Keywords for which your competitors are ranking
  • List of top competitors
  • Traffic from branded keywords
  • Paid keywords used by competitors
  • Number of backlinks
  • Referring domains

This information can be used smartly for competitive marketing. You can try the 14-day trial version and then opt for the paid version.

3. Ahrefs

Offering you with a comprehensive analysis approach, Ahrefs can be used for multiple aspects like finding competitor keywords, analysing the number of backlinks, taking a look at the link targets, and other SEO insights.

Ahrefs is a premium tool and you can opt for a free trial. The tool can help you increase you turn up your traffic by several notches using its backlink analysis features.

Ahrefs allows you to take a look at the new referring domains of your competitors. If your competitors are earning new links at a fast pace, you need to pitch those referring domains in real-time and start drawing traffic from them.

4. Rank Signals

If you wish to make your link building strategy strong, Rank Signal would be one of the best SEO competitor analysis tools for you.

This free tool can help you take a 360-degree look at your competitor’s link building strategy. You just have to enter the URL of your competitor’s website and you get the insights like –

  • The number of backlinks
  • The referring links
  • The domain authority
  • The new referring links
  • Traffic through the backlinks

competitor analysis tools

These insights can help you gain trusted links for high-quality traffic to your website.

 5. Social Mention

An important part of SEO competitor analysis is analysing the social media activity of your competitors. This can be done by checking the various social mentions of your competitor’s brand.

Social Mention is a great social media competitor analysis tool to check how often your competitors are mentioned, who has mentioned them, and what the mentions are about.

competitor analysis tools

You can get a clear look at the various mentions and the sources from where the mention comes. The sidebar also list details like the strength, passion, sentiment and reach of your competitor domain.

Competition in the business world is on a constant rise and it is better to start leveraging it as soon as possible. The above competitor analysis tools will help you analyse the various aspects of competitor analysis and outcompete the other players. In case of any queries, feel free to connect.

competitor analysis tools

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