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5 Awesome Bug Tracking Tools for Hassle-free Project Management


We all have been down the road where the bugs have just bugged us to no extent. There used to be days when tracking and debugging was a headache. But today, we have tools for everything – project management tools, design prototyping tools, bug tracking tools and so on, for managing any web development project.

With the giant steps technology is taking towards advancement, the major headache for various developers, today, is fishing out the right one from the sea of tools.

So, we went ahead and reduced your research work for you. We have made a list of 5 awesome bug tracking tools that work wonders. So, go ahead and check out this list.



  • Trackduck will let you reproduce the bugs that have been reported on the basis of the attached screenshot.
  • This tool provides you with the functionality for anonymous feedback and lets you accommodate unlimited team members.
  • It has the cross-browser provision and the functionality for automatic collection of technical details.
  • This tool works real time with web sockets and extensions are not mandatory.

COST: 14 Days Free Trial &  $9/Month


  • BugHerd will automatically snap a screenshot while logging a bug.
  • This screenshot would then get attached to the bug to let the developer see the reported issue.
  • Anyone who reports the issue of the bug would be able to see the status of the bug and set the priority for the task.
  • The person reporting the issue would be able to get the complete overview of the build process, page by page, through simple navigation of the website.

COST: 14 Days Free Trial & $29/Month


  • UserSnap will not only let you change the color of the label, but you also get to organize the lists with the labels.
  • The screenshots would be captured and sent to your dashboard.
  • This tool provides you with the functionality of the negative search feature that assists you in figuring out bug reports and displaying general feedback.
  • It also lets you use keyboard shortcuts for chrome extension and feedback widget for some specific IP addresses.
  • You get the functionality to permanently hide the UserSnap feedback buttons and create custom buttons.

COST: 15 Days Free Trial & $69/Month


  • JIRA will let you track bugs from anywhere in your projects. On bug identification, you will able to do create an issue with a very detailed explanation about the bug.
  • You would be provided with the functionality to prioritize the tracked bugs.
  • You can assign the prioritized bugs to your team members.
  • Notifications will be triggered from the issues that are being transitioned and the reviewer will be automatically informed about it.
  • The project can be customized and the appropriate people would be notified whenever any changes are done.

COST: 7 Days Free Trial & $10/Month


  • Mantis is an open-source issue tracker that lets you track issues very easily.
  • Teams and clients can be kept updated through email notifications.
  • Access control can be given to the users based on their roles in the project.
  • Issue fields, notifications and workflow can be customized according to your convenience and priorities.

COST:  A Free Trial & $22.92/Month


Tracking bugs is a headache and the bug tracking tools mentioned above will definitely help you out to track bugs, figure out everything about the bugs in detail and then you can debug them easily. If you have used any bug tracking tool that is not mentioned in the list and you would love to recommend to our users, leave your recommendations in the comments below.

Feel free to consult our WordPress Developers to know more about bug tracking issues and find easy ways to manage your projects seamlessly across devices and teams.

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Nick Patel

Nick Patel

Nick is a Tech Monk working as a Marketing Head at WebbyMonks. He loves to explore cutting edge technology and share his write-ups through this blog. An avid learner, WordPress lover, passionate technology enthusiasts, and interested in everything tech. While not writing for technology you can find him fishing, shooting with camera, and brewing more filter coffee. On a lighter note, he is here to learn, explore, and overcome technology while falling in love with the tiny nonsense of daily life.

10 thoughts on “5 Awesome Bug Tracking Tools for Hassle-free Project Management

  1. Thanks for sharing, very helpful! I’d like to recommend BugRem.com tool, it is the good alternative. For me, it is important to do not slow down your website speed.

  2. Good collection of tools. I’d also like to recommend zipBoard.co for this list. It allows tracking bugs on live websites, HTML prototypes, mocks, images and PDFs.

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