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4Cs of Modern Digital Marketing for Higher Conversion


Traditional marketing has changed a lot with the technology advancement. The traditional marketing fundamentals and practices has shifted to a new and advanced digital marketing practices, which is known as Inbound Marketing.
The advanced digital marketing has transformed the way we used to target the audience and even the channels through which we communicate about the business.
Have a look at the below table to know about the shifting paradigm of traditional business and latest marketing fundamentals.

Traditional Marketing INBOUND MARKETING










Today businesses are using content as their top weapon to promote their brand on the web.
In fact, content has become the most effective component of inbound marketing.
Nowadays, marketers are focusing more on creating quality content, its distribution and collecting leads through.

53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.


Content marketing mainly involves blogs, email newsletters, social media content, eBooks, white papers, In-person events, webinars/webcasts, video and infographics.
Following 4Cs will help you in creating effective content marketing campaign to boost conversion on your website/blog.


The success mantra lies in the platform selection for your web development requirement- content publishing and spreading your words to the targeted audience through a blog.
Create an attractive blog structure to entice the audience as visitors will only take 0.05 seconds (50 MLS) to make an opinion about your blog. A beautifully designed blog structure is the first thing that today’s marketers need.
There are many free and paid platform available, but, first you need to identify what you want to achieve with your digital marketing efforts.
Select the best suitable Content Management System (CMS), which is basically a tool that you can use to design, manage and publish personal/professional content on the web.

WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world is used by more than 75 million websites. It is easy to use and maintain the WordPress CMS.
If we talk about scalability, it has no limit as recently WordPress is used in satellite launch! Hence, you can scale to any limit by integrating third party software and tools.
Also, it powers you with its own analytics system, which makes it easier to analyze your content performance on the web. You can easily integrate other analytics system such as Google Analytics and others.
Let’s create your next blog and WordPress and start reaching-out to your target audience effectively.
There are so many tools that can help you in content creation to mark your impression on user’s mind. Google keyword planner is good to come up with keywords list that will help your business to come up on first page on SERP results when some searches with these keywords on web.
Daily Writing Tips will help you sort out the best content marketing technique to create great content that not just attract the audience on your blog but, also convert them into your subscribers.


Communication is the backbone of any business, it is easy to grow business online if you communicate in an effective way. For this, you need to understand your buyer’s persona first. Once you know your audience well it becomes easier to create content that is useful to them.
Once you’re ready to publish a content piece on your blog you need to publish it in a proper format that makes it easier for readers to go through and share within their groups.
Plan a newsletter to your existing customers to showcase the latest piece of content on your blog and other valuable information.
Never forget to syndicate your blog post with the leading content syndication websites i.e. Stumble Upon, Scoop It, etc.
However, people are spending most of their time on social networking sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are a few among others. And yes, it becomes essential to communicate on these networks where people are spending most of their time.
Let’s select channels based on your observation and analysis to promote your blog content. This way you’ll be able to attract more traffic to your blog or website.


Once you’ll be able to attract enough traffic to your website, now it’s time to convince them to buy from you. Your blog structure, the content quality, and easy navigation to different section of your blog will ensure the credibility of your business information.
Show your audience an easy way to interact and this way you set the stage for ultimate outcomes.
Creating and placing different lead generation forms on your blog/website will set the stage to collect more and more leads from your content on the blog. To make a lead generation funnel on the blog, you need to design lead generation forms and place them on the appropriate section of blog.
There are lots of heatmap tools with which you can analyze a user behavior on your website and this way you can design and build lead capturing forms more effectively.
Kissmetrics and Hotjar are such tools among many others with which you can track user behavior on any webpage.
However, Optinonster is the best tool to create lead capturing forms with complete analytics facility.
Mailchimp is a mass mailing tool that you can use to send emails to your target audience.
Let’s start creating lead generation forms and start implementing on your blog/post page to collect leads through.


Convert is the ultimate inbound strategy where marketers focus to convert potential prospects and visitors into their customers. For that you need to implement all above mentioned methodology.
The buyer’s journey to the ultimate conversion is a step-wise process where you can track your user’s journey to map their buying pattern to decide further on creating your buyer’s persona. Defining your buyer’s personal will help you position your brand in a targeted style in the marketplace with other brands.
The inbound methodology makes it easy to close your clients. Always try to delight your customers for creating value oriented relationship.
This way, the modern digital marketing practices or inbound strategy help in cost reduction and more conversion in a strategic style. Ultimately, it become easy to analyze your marketing budget and spending with the help of complete marketing analysis.
Furthermore, you’ll be able to know where and how you should continue spending your marketing budget.

These 4Cs of modern marketing will help you define your target market and accordingly you can plan to make marketing campaigns more effectively. The inbound mantras will surely help in elevating your blog and will result in a better conversion.
However, we ‘The Monks’ would like to know about your content marketing strategy and conversion plan, feel free to share your thoughts.

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