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4 unforgivable sins websites commit!


It’s a world of holy, pious subscribers, customers and visitors!These decision makers use the website as the prime source for collecting information to go ahead with the product purchasing or service utilization. User friendly website helps to expand the bottom lines and generate more traffic over time. However, these are the 4 unforgivable sins committed by some of the websites resulting in the loss of a huge opportunity virtually:

Flash Websites:
Flash websites are really eye catchy as they involve a lot of graphics and animation however, it might take forever to load a web page developed in flash. Flash based website takes a lot of time to load, resulting in an increased bounce rate. Those websites with increased bounce rates,are found to be less authoritative by Google’s crawlers resulting into lower ranking for particular search queries. No matter how well you have optimized the content, flash based websites definitely need to fight hard to maintain their position on the search engines.

Slow Speed:
Speed load optimized pages open a lot faster than normal pages. Websites developed with rich graphics and a lot of content, no matter how clean the code will load very slowly. Widgets and high resolution images make the site performance really low. Reducing the number of components present in every page optimizes the load time drastically.

Advertisement Only Pages:
Advertisements help the website owners to generate a little revenue over and above the normal product/service sales. However, websites flooded with advertisements can appear spam and apart slow down the speed and cause irritation to the visitors. Banner or Popup advertisements especially can be more troublesome. With the Google’s new update, sites heavy with advertisements are penalized on their position over the search engines.

Killing Content:
Content which kills the attraction of visitors increases bounce rate. It is imperative to have website content without any spelling or grammar error. Content should not read too much information and be easy to evaluate. Especially for websites selling multiple products, descriptions of those products should be well defined leaving no scope for assumptions. Search engines love unique content updated at regular intervals.

Summing up, attracting customers and prospects is easy but making them stay on the website is difficult. Considering best practices, user friendly pages with optimized load speed time will enable you to lower the bounce rates and a second chance to wash out your sins!

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