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4 tips to simplify your website design

Simplicity is still ruling the world! A simple website look smooth, it lessens the navigation disarray and it helps accomplishing desired objectives and results (I.e., more information exchanges, signups, leads and sales). Sometimes it becomes difficult to mold your website like any other simple site design and that said; Monks come up with 4 tips to simplify your website design.

A basic site outline shouldn’t be an overwhelming win, but you can disentangle your site design by taking simple leaps. Start with focusing on the important elements of the website, dispose of the unnecessary, decrease the amount of pages your site has, and restrict the amount of colors you utilize. You can just tweak and enhance your basic outline, however the imperative thing here is to begin.

Without any further ado, Monks come up with 5 simple tips to simplify your website design

1. Determine the essential elements

Although difficult, this is the first step towards successful simple web design. You might have different important sections and elements which all might appear equally good, but to make it simple you need to make a tough choice between these. Follow the 80-20 rules to make it easy.  In most cases, 80% of the value is provided by only 20% of the elements. Identify which are the most popular elements that are providing such value. This will help you identify the most mission critical elements on a page. With less distractions all around, you would also be able to make the most out of those 20% elements and if some of them are calls to action, they will increase the conversion rate. Once you have determined the important elements, dispose of all the unnecessary distractions.

2. Lessen the number of pages

Having lesser number of places to visit on site, makes it simple! Either trim the page counts by blending them or eliminate them totally if they don’t add substantial value to the visitors. With less number of pages, visitors get less confused and focus on the content. Remember, lesser the places to explore, fewer the navigational menus, the better the conversion.

3. Get more content above the fold

Studies have indicated that a greater part of individuals invest the majority of their time above the fold on site pages. So on the off chance that you need to build the viability of your site, have the principle content and vital calls to action above the fold. You can do something as basic as shortening the header tallness in the event that you have a logo and a navigation menu at the top of your site. Truth be told, calls to action like signup, download and buy are most important for most websites, so diminish the work required to get to it (ie. scrolling).

4. Hues make the difference, limit them

Monks are propagating to follow the basic brand guidelines and only use a set of color on your website. Your visitors might get carried away with a lot of colors and it can easily distract them although the elements are limited. Use limited colors that match your brand, content and over all look and feel of the website.

Wrapping it all up, these are just a few basic tips to simplify your website design, over and above these if you have used other strategies to simplify your complex website, do write to us in the comments below.

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