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4 must avoid sins while A/B testing your designs!

Artistic and attractive web designs play a vital role in increasing the conversion rates of any company. The story doesn’t end at designing an immaculate website but also testing it furthermore to ensure there is no mistake in terms of renderability, design layouts, fonts etc.

Commonly known as split testing, A/B testing is a routine for most designers and developers.

Monks discover 4 common sins that you should avoid, while A/B testing your designs:

1. Using A/B testing for Multivariate testing!

There are times when designers and developers confuse A/B testing with Multivariate testing. A/B testing is very effective if you want to test two versions of one variable like checking the underlined menus against those not underlined and measure which ones got maximum clicks. However, if you want to test the clicks on home page performing test on three variables like underlines vs. not underlines, bold vs. Italic and blue vs. orange (just for example), you will have to resort to multivariate testing rather!

Multivariate testing is normally used by websites with heavy traffic. A/B testing on the other side is widely used by websites with lesser traffic.

2. Ignoring the sample size!

Scenario A:“Alright! We will perform A/B split test for our calls to action on a website and hurray! We have got an amazing click-through on the red call to action button placed in center.”

Scenario B: “Hey, we think those menus with white colour looks superb but we are not getting enough clicks on the hyperlinks – It’s damn frustrating!”

If that’s the conclusion you made, you are yet not totally right as you have not considered the sample size, while being gung-ho about the results. Make sure that the A/B split test is performed for a variable taking into account a larger sample size. When the sample is small, the results are not quite accurate to be able to detect the flaws.

3. Getting stuck in the metrics!

While performing a split test, most marketers get stuck in determining which metric/s they should track through a split test. To start with, determine the most important metrics and conversion goals for your website like the click-through rate, sign-up rate etc. Test different variables and measure their impact on the metrics. Most marketers focus on only one metric leading to a drop in another conversion. To make a better and informed decision, split test various elements and measure multiple metrics and overall performance.

4. Aesthetics over Results!

Conceive of a scenario, where the designer has two versions one with an image and one without an image. If he performs an A/B split test, he receives better results on the version without an image but it looks ugly not to put image. In such a case, strike a balance between the two and go ahead with the option you feel is important. If you value conversion and results, pass over the aesthetics.

A/B testing your website designs will ensure an effective outcome. Avoiding the above mentioned mistakes will let you enjoy great results.

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