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4 Latest Web Development Tools You Should Know

Web is becoming complex and we need more sophisticated tools to exploit the potential of the web. In this post, Monks bring to you some of the most amazing web development tools.

1. CSS Pre-Processors
CSS is easy to write. The syntax is really simple to understand. Managing multiple style sheets when the project grows, becomes difficult. It becomes challenging to handle a growing number of CSS lines. This is when CSS pre-processors come to our aid. They allow us to write CSS in a programming way using variables and functions and then the same is compiled in CSS format. There are a number of CSS Pre-processors: Sass, LESS, Stylus, and Myth.

2. Template Engine
It’s easy to create a static HTML page, but things get really complicated when you have multiple pages to handle. Some of these pages may have common elements like sliders, header and footer. If you want to change something in one of the elements and across the pages, use Template Engine tool. There are variety of Template Engines you can use like Kit, Jade, and Handlebars. Different Template Engines have different writing conventions.

3. Task Runner
Building a website is almost repetitive in nature and there is a set of tasks which needs to be performed again to set-up a new website like minification, compilation, unit testing, and much more. Now you can automate the entire process with tools like Task Runner. This so very awesome tool allows you set-up tasks and additionally also incorporate a lot of plugins and even compile the frameworks with CSS. Some of the widely popular names here are Grunt and Gulp. Great tools to streamline your workflows.

4. Synchronized Testing Tool

With a growing number of smartphone users, it is imperative to test your website in a lot of devices. You can use this tool and test website in multiple devices simultaneously. The tools display interactions like clicking, scrolling, browser reloading across the devices at the same time saving a lot of time and energy. A Grunt plugin called BrowserSync, and a GUI application called Ghostlab can be used for this purpose.

Summing it all up, these are some of the world-class tools available for successful web development. You can alternatively also select a development toolkit like Codekit that pioneers this kind of application, and includes LESS, Sass, Kit, Jade, Siml, Uglify, Bower, and a lot more on its feature list.

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