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With advance in the HTML and CSS markups, there are a lot of developers who want to explore new techniques and enhance their code to the next level. With more work around, developers are surely aiming to get accustomed to frameworks that enable them to develop quicker sites. In today’s post we will walk you through 2 HTML framework and 2 CSS framework which will help future proof your site.

Groundwork CSS Framework

With more sites that now depending on typographically attractive interfaces, it is essential for you to check out what Groundwork CSS framework offers. With a little knowledge about Sass, you could start using the powerful selectors that allow you to acquire pointers to DOM elements very easily. Groundwork CSS framework is amazing for making scalable apps and responsive text. Additionally there are predefined classes with highly visual txt elements. You have an ocean full of documentation available for you in regards to the GRID, SLIDERS, UI, ANIMATIONS, ICONS and so much more. It is not only highly configurable, but also easily customizable. You could also do rapid prototyping with dynamic placeholder text, images etc.

Gumby CSS Framework

Gumby 2 CSS framework is built with the power of Sass CSS preprocessor which allows the new age developers to  develop Gumby itself with much more speed — and also gives you new tools to quickly customize and build on top of the Responsive Gumby Framework. This framework augments widget sets with flexible toggles. All you need to do is add the relevant CSS and JavaScript files to your project and you are ready. You could make your own Gumby CSS framework with choice of font, color, grid width, etc.

MontageJS HTML Framework

Well, this particular framework is based on object-oriented design patterns. MontageJS is a modern frontend HTML5 framework that supports creating single-page applications—fast. With time tested design patterns and modular architecture, designers and developers could work in tandem and get the UI markup upright. With more reusable components, functional reactive bindings and component oriented templates Montage becomes a first choice for most developers and designers.

SkelJS HTML Framework

Responsive layout systems tie their users to a specific GUI stack. SkelJS works differently. With Skel on your website, it changes the behavior of your client’s browsers. This is simple because some stylesheets are overriding some others. With Skel you get amazingly powerful breakpoint management, a sophisticated CSS grid system, cross platform support and so much more. You can create toolbars, modals etc with the help of Layers, a plugin that Skel provides. For creating new projects, you could use Baseline. Baseline is clear and well-organized with 470+ scalable vector icons. With Skel, you also get an access to automatic normalization, breakpoint manager, cross browser compatibility and flexible CSS grid system.

Take a look at this list of 5 Enchanting Responsive HTML5 Frameworks.

Have you come across any other kind of HTML framework or CSS framework? If so, please feel free to share how advantageous they have been to you in the comments below!

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