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4 Essential Principles for Developing Technologically Trendy Sites

Technologically Trendy Sites

As web development professionals we obsess over certain practices that make our lives monotonous and our work uninspiring. For enhancing creativity and overall work abilities we need to unclutter and break through habits that restrain our professional and personal growth, and need to adapt to practices that enhance our working abilities. Following these 4 essential principles will help you level up your web development skills several notches and towards creating technologically trendy websites.

Moving on with the list of the fantastic four!

1. Nothing lasts forever, move on

Don’t dwell on past successes; move on to create new ones. Everything loses its lustre after a point, a website works in the same manner you can’t expect it to exceed its life span. You shouldn’t get so attached to a project that it coming to an end comes as a shock. Follow the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) principle for any project. Create websites that are really inspiring for others using smart interactivity. Make sure that they can be updated easily with the time when you have more to show about your brand and also ensure that you are able to change content or remove the same as and when it becomes obsolete. Most modern CMS’ will be able to help you out with such needs.

2. Infuse new frameworks, better technologies

Get over that favorite framework, go try something new. Technology changes at a neck-breaking speed and if you don’t loosen your grip on that same old framework you have been comfortable with ever since you started off, your skills will get obsolete just like your work! Newer frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, WordPress Development, etc. are growing at a rapid pace and more brands are using them to showcase better functionality. Brands are integrating them with responsive technologies to give a world-class mobile experience. These frameworks provide an ocean of opportunities to explore and a host of functionalities to tap.

3. Use intuitive coding techniques

Use powerful intuitive coding techniques that make the entire UI self-explanatory and the navigation easy. Using tricks like CSS hover effects, menus, pricing techniques, etc. will make the end user’s journey all the more pleasant. Make sure you don’t overuse these techniques otherwise it will impact the load speed of the page.

4. It shouldn’t be rocket science

Keep it simple, it should be technically sound, but it shouldn’t sound technical! You should ensure that your UI is absorbed by your customers and visitors easily. Your website should be able to add value to your visitors and save their time even while browsing a lot of data on the site.

All these principles when followed in sync can do real wonders enabling you to develop a site that is technologically trendy. Are there any other principles that you follow to enhance your skills and level up your professional life? Do spread the word through our comment box.

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