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10 Tried and Tested Free SEO Tools For Growing Agencies

SEO Agency Tools

Today, each business craves for a recognised online presence and SEO has become an important part of their marketing investment. But, with the high business competition, it comes as a challenge for SEO agencies to deliver the best results at cost-effective prices. Here is where SEO tools come into the picture. We here bring you some of the best free SEO tools that agencies can use to optimise their SEO strategies and up the SEO game:


MozBar is one of the best SEO agency tools that can be pinned to the Chrome browser. It allows marketers to easily analyse the key SEO metrics on SERPs. Like the keyword rankings and page rank etc.

seo agency tools

MozBar can be used to track the domain authority of a page or website and analyse the key elements on a webpage, including the schema markup, link metrics, page authority etc.

The free SEO tool can help your agency to do a detailed SEO analysis for your clients in a resourceful manner. You can unlock more features of the tool like Page Optimisation, Detailed Metrics, etc. with a paid subscription.


SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools used by agencies for keyword and competitive analysis tasks.

seo agency tools

The tool offers a free 14-day trial version along with various paid plan options. You can analyse the keyword positions in SERPs, can take a look at the traffic drawn by the keywords and analyse the keyword trends.

With this, you can take a good look at your competitor’s SEO strategy like analysing their backlinks and the keywords that are drawing traffic for you.

SEMrush offers great premium features as well for complete SEO strategizing.


A great SEO tool to add to your regime would be Woorank! The tool allows the SEO marketers to analyse their client websites and provides them with a checklist to optimise their website SEO.

The social shareability feature of the tool gives access to data like the number of likes, share, and backlinks from social networks.

The mobile section of the tool helps you get a preview of the mobile version of your site and its load speed in mobile devices.


CanlRank, unlike other keyword research tools can actually help you analyse the keywords on which you can rank in the first page of Google.

It is a free SEO tool that uses AI to evaluate your chances of ranking on a certain keyword and offers you keyword suggestions to increase your rankings in Google.

Mobile Friendly Test

A common SEO agency tool is Mobile Friendly Test. The tool is crafted to help SEO marketers to optimise their clients’ site for the mobile platform.

seo agency tools

You just have to add your clients’ website URL and the tool will analyse if their sites are mobile friendly or not. It will also provide the steps to make the website mobile friendly.

It has a Page Loading Info feature, which helps the marketers analyse if the Google bots are able to access all the elements and content on your client’s site appropriately.

Counting Characters Google SERP Tool

When you as a marketer create metadata for your clients you make sure that it doesn’t exceed the character limit mentioned by Google. However, Google bots doesn’t count the meta data based on the character count, instead it uses the pixel count.

This free SEO tool helps you get the pixel count and the character count of the meta description you prepare, so it meets Google’s meta description length standards.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is one of the best free SEO tools that allow you to practice a well-targeted SEO strategy.

The tool offers you a panel where you can enter a keyword and it will tell you all the popular search queries that people make related to this keyword. You can use these search queries to take an idea of who is your exact target audience and how you can answer their queries.

It also provides you with popular keywords including prepositions like “with”, “like”, “versus”.


Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that provides keyword suggestions on the keywords you enter. These keyword suggestions are listed along with important keyword metrics like search volume, CPS, and competition.

seo agency tools

The good thing about this SEO tool is that it allows the marketers to mark and remove the keyword suggestions that they don’t like. The 3.0 version of Ubersuggest also helps you analyse the domain metrics of a website on just entering the website URL.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most common SEO analysis tools used by marketers to analyse a site’s SEO in detail. It provides with data like the number of site visits, the location of the visitor, session duration, bounce rate, etc.

The tool provides handy data that can be used to create the right SEO strategy for your business. Google also provides other free SEO tools for your business, including – Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, etc.

Google Search Console

Added to Google’s array of free SEO tools, Google Search Console helps the marketers get feature-rich insights into their client’s SEO strategy.

These insights include – optimisation required for mobile, sitemap issues, URL performance, indexation issues.

Google Search Console along with Google Analytics form the basic SEO analysis tool used by every SEO marketer.

With the trends like intent-based search, and voice-based search, SEO in 2019 has also evolved and these free tools can help your agency deliver great results to your clients. With this, there are various paid SEO tools that could avail you great insights into your clients’ SEO and optimise it for better traffic and conversions.

seo agency tools

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