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10 Things to Consider While Outsourcing Your Web Project


Your competent designer team just provided you with this really engaging design and now you are all up and about to get your website developed by one of the best outsourcing teams. But before you do that, there are various points you need to consider while outsourcing web project.

That being said, we all know the most important thing that matters when it comes to handing over your project is communication. And there are various factors that must be communicated in a crystal clear manner between an end user and an outsourcing company.

Initial communication

Initial communication is a very tricky factor. The outsourcing team needs to be well-versed linguistically and there needs to be a single point of contact. There’s no guarantee that if you convey something to the project manager, then every single thing is going to be conveyed to the developers team and the QA team by the project manager.



When it comes to outsourcing your project to another nation, chances are they celebrate a different set of holidays than you. You will need to discuss the list of allotted holidays beforehand to collaborate better.


Time Zone/Geographical Location

There’s not much point in partnering with a company when they sleep while you work and you work while they sleep. The team needs to work a shift with flexible timings and a shift that is according to your time zone.



Everything from the turnaround time to the total project costing depends on technology. There are various kinds of technologies used (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.) and it is necessary to check out on the technology used by the outsourcing company.


Human Resources

It is very important to know the proficiency of the team working for you in the specific areas they work in because the adeptness of the developers in the particular technology they deal with is going to cater to your website needs. You can merely look up their works on their website and then decide upon the templates.


Service Level Agreement

This SLA will include various factors like the quality of the service provided, the costing, various terms and conditions and the turnaround time. And thus, a Service Level Agreement must be totally transparent with every term and condition elaborated to the tiniest of detail possible.


Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time or TAT is the total time taken starting from the execution to the delivery of a project. What about post-delivery changes?


Cost Savings

When it comes to deciding a budget for your project, it is better to know an approximate idea of how much the project would cost you. Sometimes, when the project is in the initial stages, the decision seems to be cost effective and there are instances when the pricing increases as we grow closer to the final stages of the project.



Quality won’t exist without adequate time and money. And that doesn’t at all mean going all the way out and spending more than you intended to and waiting for a year for your project to be delivered. It means accepting a valid timeline and being ready to spend the necessary.


Last Minute Surprises

There have been various instances when people have faced with last minute surprises where the delivered project is not like the one they had in their mind.


To sum it all up, you practically need to know everything about the company and people you are going to hand over your project to, right from where they live to how they work.

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Nick Patel

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